• City junctions free of endless  gridlock


By Oluseye Ojo


• Completed Junction Improvement Work at Challenge-Felele, Idi-Odo, Ibadan


In Ibadan, Oyo State capital, one of the key challenges facing the city was the constant traffic congestion around major junctions, coupled with a lot of deplorable internal road network. 

It was a nightmare for motorists to pass though some places, especially in the momings and evenings. The places include Challenge, Felele Junction,  Dandaru a Mokola, Agodi Gate Junction, Civic Centre Junction Junction, and Idi-Ape Junction.

• Makinde                            


The neckbreaking traffic logjam in the places made people to waste man-hours on the road. Some people on emergency mission have had to pay costly prices because of the incessant congestion at the problematic junctions.

A number of people in Ibadan accused Makinde of neglecting the state capital, while he carried out massive capital projects in Oke-Ogun, Oyo, Ogbomoso, and Ibarapa zones of the state, especially during his first time in office.

But a tour of some places in Ibadan showed that the city has literally turned rl a construction site. In almost every part of Ibadan, one project or the other is going on at present.

It was, however, uncovered that reprieve has been coming the way of road users in the city, since the administration of Governor Seyi Makinde came on board in 2019. To address the pressing issue, Makinde initiated extensive traffic studies, meticulously identifying problematic junctions and executing efficient solutions.

His government then embarked on a groundbreaking projects to revolutionise the internal road networks and junction improvement to ensure free flow of traffic.

However, the results have been nothing short of remarkable, as once-infamous traffic bottlenecks are now being transformed into smoothly flowing intersections.

The ambitious plan, as gathered, is proving to be a game-changer for the city of Ibadan, with a commitment to enhancing connectivity, reducing traffic congestion, Numerous junction improvement works and road constriction projects have been undertaken by the administration.

A drive round the city revealed that since assuming office, Makinde has demonstrated exceptional leadership by prioritising the improvement of the city’s internal road networks, apart from legacy projects he has executed in other zones of the state.

The areas where Makinde has given lifelines to residents and visitors to Ibadan, include the construction of overhead bridge at Akobo, completion of Idi Ape- Bashorun- Akobo dual carriage way to the second gate of the 2 Division of Nigerian Army. The rehabilitation of General Gas-Kolapo Ishola GRA-Iyana Church road is ongoing.

The administration has also ensured the completion of Agodi Gate-Old Ife Road. For users of the Old Ife Road, the Onipepeye narrow Bridge was the problem. But Makinde has also ensured construction of another flyover at Onipepeye, which has solved traffic issues for people around Loyola College, Ore Meji, Olaogun, Gbagi and so on. Junction improvement was also executed at the place.

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At Challenge area, it was observed that the road network from Orita Challenge, which goes Benbo to Owode in Apata.has been completed. People going from Lagos to Apata in Ibadan do not have to pa’s through Ring Road any longer. They will just need to connect the Theophilus Akinyele Road to link Ibadan-Apata Road.

The Ibadan Circular Road that will connect motorists from Lagos to Ikire in Osun State, without passing through Ibadan Toll Gate, Iwo Road Interchange, Gbagi, Alakia, and Adegbayi, will also be completed soon. Already two flyovers have been completed as parts of the project. The first one is at the point, where the Circular Road connects with Lagos Ibadan Expressway, and the second one at the point where it connects Ibadan-Ikire Road.

At Iyaganku GRA, the road networks around the Press Centre of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), is also under construction.

The good work has also been extended to the Aiport Road at Alakia. The road named after a former governor of the Old Oyo State, Dr. Omololu Olunloyo. The Junction Improvement Work at Alakia, leading to the Ladoke Akintola Airport is also spectacular.

A private car owner, Mr. Adewale Ojenike, told The Sun that at Agodi Gate that the state government under Makinde has invested in extensive junction improvement works, displayed a commitment to creating a sustainable environment, while enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

“Without any fear of contradiction, the governor’s bold move is a testament to his visionary approach to governance. Before the improvement work on Agodi Gate Junction, regular users of this road would recall that this junction has always been problematic. There is a ery large spare market here. There is a correctional centre her.

“Also, roadside traders are many here. They would display their wares on the road to the extent that it would be difficult for vehicles to move. So, thank you to Governor Makinde for improving Agodi Gate Junctions with the expansion and traffic light.

“But in the evening, let’s system around 6pm, the roadside traders have been returning to the road to display their wares. The governor should help u do something about this too.”

“I must also say that the governor has done a good job at the Junction of Ibadan Civic Centre in Idi-Ape as well as the main Idi-Ape Junction. The road expansions in the two junctions and the complements of the traffic lights are highly commendable,” Ojenike said.

The aggregate public opinions on the areas that the people of Ibadan also wanted improvement include Eleyele Junction, Poly Junction at Sango, Orita Aperin, Oja’ba, Oke Padre Junction at Adamasingba, as well as Benbo Junction in Apata.

It was stated further that the transformation of junctions different junctions in the city is a clear demonstration of Makinde’s commitment to a better Ibadan. These improvements include the expansion of roads, the installation of traffic lights, and the implementation of well-designed traffic management systems, which have reduced congestion, enhanced road safety, and promoted the efficient movement of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists alike.

    The opinion poll also showed that Governor Makinde’s administration has not only focused on junction improvement works, but has also implemented safety measures to make Ibadan’s roads safer for all.

    The construction of a footbridge at Iwo Road Interchange, and pedestrian walkways, have reportedly contributed to a significant reduction in road accidents and casualties, while simultaneously encouraging healthier and eco-friendly modes of transportation.

    It was also gathered that what sets Governor Makinde’s administration apart is its commitment to community engagement and transparency in execution. The government was said to have undertaken an extensive awareness campaign prior to the commencement of the improvement works, towards ensuring that residents were well-informed about the upcoming projects and understood the short-term inconveniences.

    The proactive approach reportedly made the administration to successfully obtain public support, minimising disruptions and fostering a sense of collective responsibility towards the development of Ibadan.

    Beyond enhancing the quality of life for Ibadan’s residents, the junction improvement works and road constriction projects have been observed to have had a profound economic impact on the city.

    The improved road networks have attracted businesses, investors, and industries, leading to increased job opportunities and economic growth in the city for sustainable development and prosperity.

    The projects were said to have sparked a remarkable transformation in the city. The governor’s bold actions have reportedly alleviated traffic congestion, enhanced road safety, and laid a foundation for economic growth.

    A cross section of  residents of Ibadan have not only been enjoying efficient and safer transportation, but are also witnessing the rise of a more progressive, sustainable, and prosperous city.

    Mranwhile, the President-General, Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes (CCII), Niyi Ajewole, has said Governor Makinde is doing well, and should be supported by all and sundry to succeed in office.

    With fixing of internal road networks, he stated that vehicle owners would not have to be spending the money they did not have to fix their vehicles at mechanic workshops saying: “At least, the frequency of their visits to mechanic workshops will reduce. This will bring economic prosperity to the city and the state.”