LIAM, SACHWELL & GALAHAD better known as “LSG” is about to launch their ‘SMART INVEST APP’ a music, fashion, arts, entertainment & events app. The app will allow subscribers and users to stay abreast of LSG’s investment opportunities and options. It will let low value clients and subscribers who aren’t high income earners to make high value investments with little or no money. The app will also allow them be up to date with the latest music releases, upcoming sports, fashion, music and entertainment events. Subscribers and clients will be able to purchase any class of tickets to any musical concert or sports event, and give users daily current affairs and news updates as well.

While chatting with the CEO of LSG, Jordan Adler, he told our reporter that the launch of the app was a journey that began a couple of years ago. “We realized that lots of people especially millennials were often faint hearted when it comes to investments. A survey carried out by our in house team showed that millennials feel more comfortable doing a lot of e-commerce activities via apps, sometimes taking risks that they wouldn’t even consider face to face. We also discovered over 50s and retirees found it more convenient to do a lot of things using an app. Over 90% make use of their smart devices for sports betting, shopping, buying event tickets, ordering rides, watching movies, reading news stories and listening to music while on the go. The use of apps make all these activities easier to keep up with” he said.

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“With apps and mobile devices, it’s now simpler to keep up with financial news and investment, upcoming events, your favorite artistes, new music, breaking news stories and other activities” said Jordan. He said, “gone are the days of hard copies and newspapers, bulky video machines, gaming consoles and/or big boom boxes to be able to listen to music. With an app you can do any of these things and more while you are on the go”. “The LSG smart invest APP is designed in such a way that even while offline you can still make smart investments and listen to music and once you get connected to a data plan or network, the app will update and your investment instructions will be applied” Adler revealed.

He said the app is currently in the beta testing phase and so is available to only a select few. “Beta testing is necessary to enable our engineers fine tune any glitches and correct any hiccups that might delay or cause issues once the app goes fully live. So that users will have a smooth experience without hitches. It will also provide us with valuable information to improve and/or upgrade the app where necessary” he stated. He however promised the app will become available to all by the end of November .

Liam, Sachwell & Galahad a.k.a “LSG” is a Financial Services, Asset & Portfolio Management firm. LSG was formerly headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, until recently when they relocated to their new head office in Newark, New Jersey.