By Oluseye Ojo

In a bid to uphold the sanctity of marriage, family, and society, the national leadership of the Scripture Union Nigeria has called on the Federal Government to strengthen the Same Sex Prohibition Act 2013 against proponents of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community in the country.

The call was made during the 114th National Council Meeting of the union, where they also presented their first intervention storybook for children entitled “Timi Stands for the Truth,” so that the LGBTQ community would not stand in the nation.

The National Chairman of the union, Dr. Wilfred Onu, supported by the General Director of the union, Uwem Udoh, emphasised at a press conference during the meeting at the weekend, the need for stricter measures to discourage promoters of the LGBTQ community in the country.

He said the position was taken after giving much consideration to several global and national issues, confronting the Christian faith, beliefs and Bible standards.

According to Onu, “Scripture Union Nigeria, as a Bible-based movement, has been committed to upholding and inculcating the truth of the scriptures to children, young people and families since its inception in Nigeria in 1885. We have laboured over the years for the establishment of strong moral, positive character formation and spiritual standard through variety of ways.”

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He stated that the promotion of LGBTQ ideologies by some religious and political leaders is alarming and goes against the biblical principles that the union stands for.

“We can no longer keep silent and allow this immoral and debased movement to destroy the fabrics of our human/societal decency, values, and public morality,” Onu declared.

He reaffirmed the union’s commitment to promoting traditional Christian values and principles, while rejecting the harmful agenda of those promoting LGBTQ ideologies.

General Director of the Union, Uwem Udoh, expressed appreciation to the leaders of Nigeria who have upheld the Same-Sex Prohibition Act, and urged the government to collaborate more with faith-based groups to educate children and young people about sound moral values.

He also called on religious bodies to stand firm in their beliefs and spread the truth of God’s word in a world infiltrated by hostile ideologies.

Parents were also urged to be more intentional in raising their children to be safe against damaging ideologies, and investing in educational materials that support the nurturing of sound moral values.