By Bianca Iboma-Emefu

Residents of Lekki area of Lagos, under the auspices of Lekki Peninsula Residents Association, (LERA), have called for improved power generation in the area.

They stated that since the Federal Government approved a new performance-based electricity tariff, Lekki residents have not benefitted from it. They lamented that the area was still experiencing poor power generation and it has affected small scale businesses.

The vice chairman of the association, Mr Malachy Ezeoke, disclosed this during a launch of the maiden edition of the LERA Magazine, called ‘Lekki Phase 1 News’.

Ezeoke stated that the magazine would boost sales for small-scale businesses and create employment opportunities for the youths. He said most businesses need information to bridge innovative gap and networking.

He said: “With the launch of the magazine, many businesses would thrive as information and ideas would be shared timely and also project the mirror image of the estate.”

He added that technology was advancing and information dissemination has become very vital as most businesses are now e-commerce. He believed that with the launch of the magazine, it would further enhance the image of the estate.

Ezeoke stressed that the publication would fill the needed gap, showcase and promote entrepreneurship, innovation and consumer relationship and knowledge, technology trends from the estate.

“We are pleased to launch and dedicate the publication to the residents and it would report  the very best of Lekki as a community.

“This magazine is one of our initiatives. We are also making efforts to end epileptic power problems which is a general issue across the nation.

“Unstable power supply is a major issue and it need to be addressed because without constant power you cannot do anything meaningful.

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“All our efforts towards getting regular power supply for Lekki Phase 1 is not in vain because our teams are already meeting with those in charg.

“Continuous use of generator is affecting our health. We are now battling with noise pollution. Also the cost of diesel per litre is now N800,” he said.

According to him, many businesses in the area have collapsed while others are struggling to survive.

He said: “Now you will see some industries closing by 3pm all because of the high cost of diesel. This is why we would not just sit and fold our arms to watch things degenerating by the day.

“We need to get this done so that these estates will be more secure.”

The chairman of LERA, Yomi Idowu, said that this would foster growth and cordial relationship among the residents in Lekki Phase 1.

He stated: “The first edition is not perfect, but it is a beginning that can be improved upon by. Our website contains more  information on LERA and our activities.

“The initiative was a pledge made by the exco to accomplish before the end of its tenure and it has been achieved.”

Idowu appreciated the residents for their support and cooperation with the executives in the last 16 months. He said more people need to be involved in the community’s projects for the benefit of all residents.

Also, the secretary of LERA, Funmi Adeogun, said that the launching of the maiden magazine was a milestone for the community as it provides a veritable platform for residents to have verified information about happenings in their community.

“Lekki Phase 1 News is here to serve residents and beyond. We understand your demands and are ready to satisfy them, in print and online,” she said.

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