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People have recently been extremely conscious about their food and health choices. The statistical record for searching recipes on the Internet is also extremely high. If you are one of those people, “More than meatless Monday” is the perfect site to stop by. It is run by Jessica Mack, an exceptionally talented culinary expert.
Jessica gave up eating meat when she was five years old because she was ‘picky’ and always wanted nutritious food, other than peanut butter sandwiches as it was her favourite. She saved magazines and book recipes during college. “I am married to a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy, who, fortunately, also loves vegetarian meals,” she added. When she had chronic illnesses and had to be bedridden, she started this for passing time. “People loved sharing my recipes and were looking for ways to incorporate meatless meals into their weekly plans. Additionally, I wanted to share that meatless meals can be served more than simply “meatless Monday”, she quoted. Her aim was to normalize vegetarian dishes and show that they can be equivalently healthy and tasty as non-vegetarian dishes.
However, Jessica’s health struggles have been the hardest challenges in her life. She described her painful experience by telling, “I have been overcome with fatigue, experience incessant fevers, weight loss, muscle contractures, and more. I overcame the challenges of my diseases by keeping the faith, focusing on my blog, and staying connected to my community online.” However, she is really thankful for not losing her faith before things started looking brighter. She expressed her gratitude towards her husband, friends and family who have stood beside her like a pillar in those trying and testing times. Besides, she channelled all her energy and positivity into raising her daughter. Meditation and Exercise is a must.
Jessica shared her piece of advice that she wished she had known in the initiation of her career by saying, “I wish that I knew not to overthink the process and to start creating content”. Talking about her plans further, she stated, “I would like to produce a cookbook, my own cooking show, and a line of cookware.” We wish her the best of luck!
In case, you wish to know more about Jessica’s ongoing culinary projects, visit her website On this website, she creates lip-smacking vegetarian recipes and shows how vegetarian meals are underrated.