The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) has urged the Federal Government to direct the Ministry of Transport to open the neglected sea ports in the Niger Delta to decongest ports in Lagos.

Its leader, Mr Roland Pereotubo, on Wednesday urged the government to direct importers and exporters to the ports in Niger Delta area to reduce the gridlock in Lagos ports.

“As the nation is groaning over the congestion of the sea ports in Lagos, which has been causing gridlocks in the city, IYC wishes to draw the attention of the relevant authorities to the litanies of sea ports in the Niger Delta.

“The ports in the Niger Delta have the capacity to decongest Lagos ports, but Niger Delta region has been deliberately abandoned, segregated and marginalised for long by successive Nigerian governments since independence.

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“In Delta State, we have a deep seaport and a dockyard in Burutu Island at which mother vessels can load and off load goods.

“We also have Koko, Warri and Sapele ports that can take care of the problem in Lagos.

“The proposed Deep Sea Port at Agge community in Bayelsa State is another economic hub of the country. This also has been abandoned.

“Again, the Calabar port in Cross-Rivers state is another viable economic hub that has received no government attention.

“All these ports and others in the region if revamped will solve the problem in Lagos.”