By Lukman Olabiyi, Lagos

The palliative intervention on Eko Bridge embarked upon by the Lagos State Government in support of the federal government’s efforts to replace the eight expansion joints on the highway has been completed.

The palliative entailed the cutting and removal of asphalt as well as the placement of a steel plate on the affected parts of the bridge, pending the arrival of the reinforced rubber expansion joints to be installed as a permanent remedy.

The palliative was initiated by the state government to ensure the safety of motorists and reduce traffic congestion. The intervention is the direct responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Works but Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu instructed the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure to take up the job immediately.

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‘The average resident does not want to know whose responsibility it is to effect the repairs. What is important is to get the work done and remove the gridlock.’

A permanent solution, which will be put in place soon, will eliminate the gridlock from the Alaka end of the road. The required reinforced rubber expansion joints, which have been ordered from the manufacturers, will be installed immediately they arrive in the country.

The government appreciated Lagosians for their perseverance and pleads for a little more patience from motorists until the work is completed by the federal and state governments.