By Joseph Osom

An author and Chief Executive Officer of K McKinnon and Associates LLC, Kenyatta McKinnon is scheduled for a visit to Nigeria for the unveiling of her book, Bridging the Gap. The book, which focuses on how to build relationships between community and law enforcement agencies, will be made public by the last quarter of the year.

Kenyatta McKinnon, also a law enforcement officer, consultant, safety advocate, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, has for years been engaged in improving communications between law enforcement professionals and communities across the globe.

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In Bridging the Gap, Kenyatta gives insight on law enforcement in American communities, misconceptions, how to understand the community, and how to understand law enforcement. She also rolls out statistics, just as she gives perspective on bridging the gap and being the change that one’s community needs.

The book addresses many issues and misperceptions associated with communities and law enforcement in the 21st century.