From Noah Ebije, Kaduna

The Managing Director, Kaduna Market Development and Management Company,  Tamar Nanduls on Friday disclosed that the state government demolished 5000 shops during market demolition exercise as against speculation that 40000 shops were demolished in the State.

However, the market boss was quick to add that  in place of the demolished shops, over 14000 shops were being built for allocation to traders in due course.

She spoke during the Flag-off for the disbursement of the Uba Sani Grant to traders across Kaduna State.

The market MD said over 700 traders have been empowered with N20 million by the governoship candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the State, Senator Uba Sani as he had earlier promised.

“The impact of this grant is immediate and transformational. We are sincerely grateful for this and we pray to God to reward you, to bless you abundantly, protect you and prepare you to do even more.

“It is only in 9 markets that there was demolition, in 8 of these markets apart from Kasuwan Bacci, we provided temporary markets for traders to continue their business while construction is ongoing. Across these 9 markets, 7,915 traders were affected by our activities but most of them did not even have shops, the number of shops demolished is just about 5,000 and in their place we are building 14,677 shops and have already allocated 7,915 in these 9 markets. 

“We have also started handing over shops to traders in Ungwan Rimi and Barnawa and we will start in Kawo next week and by God’s grace, the third phase of Sabon Gari and Kasuwan Bacci will also be handed over soon. 

“We have heard some people claiming that this is because of politics and I have asked them to also come and do their own politics, we want to strongly encourage this kind of politics that empowers people to become owners of their business promises, this kind of politics that provides support for traders to increase their capital or pay off their debts.

“I want to also advise the traders not to allow anyone politicise their development, this administration of Mal. Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai of which Senator Uba Sani is a core team member is focused on the development of people regardless of their political party. 

“These naysayers are out to deceive you and cheat you. They are the same people who boasted to you that the market redevelopment program of Governor el-Rufai was a scam but we are here today and you can all attest to the transformation going in markets across Kaduna State.

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“We are aware some of them have peddled the fake news that we demolished 40,000 shops and we are using this opportunity to challenge them to show their proof. What we know as the truth is that today we are building over 20 markets across the State, some have even been completed, some have been commissioned, some are already in use”. She said.

The market MD spoke of the APC governorship candidate, saying, “Senator Uba Sani is known to all of us here, he has excelled in several spheres of life, he has worked across all levels of governance. I said governance not government because he has been an outsider working as a freedom fighter and advocating for hard won transition to democracy after several decades of military rule, he has been a special adviser to the President of the Federal Republic, Political Adviser to Governor el-Rufai, Special Adviser on Inter-Governmental Relations to Governor el-Rufai and now as Senator of the Federal Republic, he is the Chairman of the House Committee on Banking, Insurance and Financial Institutions. 

“As a first term senator, he has also distinguished himself in his representation of his constituency and indeed, all of Kaduna State. In spite of all his career achievements, he is most regarded for his philanthropy.

“In September 2022, traders across Kaduna State endorsed his candidacy for Governor of Kaduna in the upcoming elections and inaugurated a support group towards the campaign effort. During my remarks at the event, we had called on the Senator to extend his goodwill to traders in Kaduna State and provide support to traders who are finding it difficult to purchase their shops and at that same event, Senator Uba Sani pledged the sum of N20,000,000 as support to traders across the State. 

“We are pleased to confirm that true to his word, he has fulfilled that pledge to our traders. Because of his generosity, over 700 traders have been empowered. In Sheikh Gumi Market, 197 traders are getting support to make their mortgage down payments, in Kasuwan Magani, 80 traders have been supported to pay their rent for a year, 25 petty traders in Checheniya Market have been empowered, 10 women in Kabala market, 185 traders across Tudun Wada, Sabon Gari, Dan Magaji have been empowered. Of course traders in Ungwan Rimi, Kawo, Kasuwan Bacci and Kwoi are not left behind. 

“Today, Senator Uba Sani will also commission this Shopping centre which was built on the former club 69 Garage and the GSM Market at the former 740 Garage, on Lagos Street. 

“Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai has instituted reforms to promote investment within the state, create jobs and foster a sustainable economy through private sector participation and commercialisation. 

“This shopping centre and the GSM Market along Lagos Street are one of many outcomes of public-private partnerships we have entered into with private developers, Woodmould Nigeria Limited, and Has and Partners Limited.

“With over N1 billion investment value, this Shopping centre boasts 109 shops of varying sizes, with ensuite shops and 24-hour surveillance to ensure the safety of our traders and their property.

“We are also commissioning the newly completed GSM Market along Lagos street, which was built by Has and Partners, another of our high-performing development partners. The GSM market has an investment value of N700m and contains 244  Shops which are multi-tiered and designed with the end user in mind.

“As the foremost facilitator in commercial real estate development and management in Kaduna, the completion of these developments is one of many demonstrations of partnerships and facilitation of investments through private-sector participation and are all built-in line with KDSG’s urban renewal agenda.

“Both of the developments are intended to serve the local community and its surrounding environs”.