Divinity Dance Company led by the talented Josh Effi thrilled worshippers at Youth Aflame Convention 2019 held on December 21, 2019 at the Lords Christian Centre, Ojo, Lagos.

The event was filled with eye-catching performances, particularly from two of the most famous dance crews in the Afromedia genre— Blazehood Dance Crew and Divinity Dance Company by Joshua Effi, but it was the latter who stole the show.

Divinity as a dance group started in 2017 and have performed in different forms of dance like dancehall, animation, Hip Hop choreography, Afro dance, contemporary and breaking.

The exponential growth of the Divinity Dance Company saw them perform explosive pieces across events in Lagos.

One of such being a brilliant performance was displayed at the 2019 Youth Aflame Convention, an annual Christian youth art showcase with youths showcasing talents in dance, drama, spoken word/poems, and music at the Lord’s Christian centre, which play host to the event yearly.

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This beautiful performance jointly crafted by Josh Effi and his cousin Naomi showcased the idea of team work and winning together, introducing a new era for divinity.

The synchronicity, the music, and the dance itself showed up differently this time. The performance also allowed new members of the team the opportunity to wear the divinity crest on stage.

Born Joshua ‘Josh Effi’ Effi has been dancing over 10 years and he has been using dance as a medium to entertain and inspire the youths.

Speaking on what inspired his love for dance, Josh Effi said at a young age he had a passion for dance. Joshua would then go on to form his own dance group called Divinity Dance Company, a group consisting of family and friends.

According to him, “This passion would go on to become a reality.”