From Okwe Obi, Abuja

To mark the International Women’s Day, a London-based Activist, Mercy Gilbert, has cautioned women against unhealthy competition and rivalry.

Ambassador Gilbert, in a statement yesterday, reminded women of their roles in the society, adding that they must not relegate themselves to the background by playing second fiddle in political and socio-economic discussions.

International Women Day is celebrated on the 8th March of every year throughout countries in the World.

The entrepreneur and philanthropist, said: “Women tend to compete with each other instead of fixing one another’s crown.

“I have found in my Sister Lillian and with Women, I have been an Ambassador to three women organisations with like minded women such as yourself, who I am privileged to have been selected to speak today on this day where we celebrate womanhood in a world as an African woman.”

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Gilbert, who is a Zimbabwean-born British, regretted that despite the ingenuity and sterling qualities of most women, societal framing still put them down.

She encouraged women to either put up or shut up, saying, “women are still not given the same equal opportunities and there still remains gender gaps and other challenges women face in the workplace especially when they work in male dominated industries.

“I am glad that many women like yourselves are choosing to evolve as 21st women. I am a feminist but as a Christian, I want to believe as in Proverbs 31, a woman still takes care of the home and family and plays each role as is required of her.

“As 21st century women, let’s not evolve too much and denigrate our God given roles as women to maids as our finances grow, let’s marry the two, leave the bad and take the good to make a better tomorrow for our girls.

“I want to say it is okay to be beautiful and a career woman, but it is equally important to not forget our roles to nurture and protect our own.

“Be your sister’s keeper, be a door opener and don’t allow yourself to be the reason another woman cries. I love you all.”