We are contending with an increasingly anti-semitic world where it is hip to bash Israel and get away with it. Well, not really; nobody gets away with toying with God’s covenant. There are copious instances in the Bible to prove the futility of such an enterprise (1 Sam. 17; Joshua 10; 2 Kings 18-19).

Like the Igbo who were described as a dot in a circle, Israel is a dot in the circle of the world, especially in the Middle East. It holds the world by the balls, and nothing can be done against them because of the Covenant.

For many, the Covenant means nothing but its effect affects everything about their lives. For cursed is the one that curses Israel and blessed is he that does otherwise. This is a settled matter, and no power can do anything about it.

The dying, unjust world has been reveling in another Israeli bashing because of the avoidable war going on in Gaza. The sick world is angry because Israel is seriously hammering Hamas, the terrorist organisation with the sole aim of annihilating Israel. Sadly, a dissonant world would prefer Israel to lie supine and allow its head chopped off by the Islamist bloodsuckers, who know little or nothing about the god they purport to serve.

It has to be seriously noted that the loss of ‘innocent’ lives is deplorable but the blame should not be heaped on Israel, which is struggling to survive. The anti-semitic world keeps talking about this ‘genocide’ but refuses to trace the root. They also say nothing about the network of tunnels in residential areas, running underneath hospitals and even United Nations facilities, providing easy access to Israel. They refuse to tell Hamas to surrender but condemn Israel for taking up a war that was foisted on it.

Haba! How unfair could the world be? 

Anybody sincere in stopping this war should know what to do, and the earlier this is done the better for the world. Israel is not about to stop fighting because doing that is suicidal. Nobody, not even an amalgam of the entire Arab world, could subdue Israel. They tried it in 1967; another attempt would fail with greater consequences. The world should leave Israel alone or be ready to go down for that ‘dot’ in the circle to thrive.





Femi Fani-Kayode’s ignorant, delusive anti-Israel obsession (excerpts)

By Nwankwo T. Nwaezeigwe

I read Femi Fani-Kayode’s recent two humongous obsessive anti-Israel tirades with ravenous distaste, if not for any other reason but for the height of cultic ignorance in a man whose obsessive distaste of the Jews and the fact that the Igbo of Nigeria are unquestionably pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, is fast turning him into cataclysmic political insanity, even though he professes to be a Christian.

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The point, however, is that Femi Fani-Kayode disgustedly spoke from acute ignorance of both the history of Arab relations with Black Africa and the Middle East conflict.

The fundamental inference of this ignorance came from his first interview in which he stated: “Our independence means nothing as long as our Arab brothers are under the yoke of Israeli bondage. We will stand with them any day and anytime to fight that bondage.”

I wish to remind Femi Fani-Kayode that the question of the Israel-Palestinian conflict is not about his “Arab brothers’ being under the “yoke of Israeli bondage” as he put it because the State of Israel remains the only democracy in the entire Arab Middle East and North Africa with unlimited freedom for all her citizens without racial, ethnic or religious boundaries; but that of Palestinian and Hamas atrocious determination to exterminate the Jews as a people.

The existence of the Jews and the State of Israel today is, therefore, the cimen fondu of the Christian faith and identity. Those who crave the extermination of the Jews and the destruction of the State of Israel can never be the true brothers or friends of Nigerian Christians, Black Africans, and the Igbo of Nigeria in particular.

Needles to re-emphasize that the Jews and the State of Israel have never been the aggressors against the Arabs and Palestinians; rather the Arabs and Palestinians have always been the aggressors. The heinous act of October 7, 2023, by Hamas terrorists, was never orchestrated by Jews and the State of Israel, but by the ravenous instinct of Hamas to wipe out the Jews and the State of Israel out of the face of the earth.

This was the satanic spirit with which the Hamas terrorists on October 7, 2023, invaded the solemn religious celebrations and excitements of innocent Israelis and slaughtered over 1200 while taking more than 250 as hostages. Does that action not imply a naked act of terrorism?

Ghazi Hamad came on Channels Television to insult Nigerian Christians by stating that the October 7, 2023 massacre of innocent and defenseless Jews while celebrating their religious festival was justified as a retaliatory attack for freedom, and the Nigerian political rubbish scavenger Femi Fani-Kayode is furthering the same insult by describing such a man and his people as “our brothers.”

Where in history is it recorded that Israeli security forces intentionally massacred civilian Palestinians, except those terrorists disguised as ordinary people? But if Ghazi Hamad and Femi Fani-Kayode believe that the October 7, 2023 massacre and kidnapping of innocent defenseless Jews and Israelis are justified by the golden rule of retaliation in the fight for freedom, then they should equally accept the ongoing war of retaliation within the same golden rule pretext.

According to him: “It is an irony of fate that the overwhelming majority of the very same Igbo people who were slaughtered in their millions between 1967 and 1970 and who were subjected to the worst form of ethnic cleansing that Africa has ever seen are now openly applauding the State of Israel for committing genocide against the women and children of Gaza.”

But the question Femi Fani-Kayode failed to ask is who were the perpetrators of those heinous crimes against the Igbo? Were they not the Muslim North-led Fulani jihadists and supported by the Arabs?

During the Nigerian civil war, which Femi Fani-Kayode referred to, the question, again, is who supplied and piloted the Russian MIG jet fighters and bombers the Nigerian government used in the perpetration of the massacre? Were they not the same Arabs led by Egypt, bearing in mind that at the same time Nigeria was engaged in civil war against the Igbo, Israel was defending herself in the 1967 Six-Day War against the attack by the whole Arab nations?

Indeed without prejudice to the theory of Igbo-Jewish origins on which I have written extensively and which Femi Fani-Kayode knows nothing about, the commonality of the historical experience of pogrom, genocide, anti-riots, and hatred is one fundamental reason the Igbo will always support the Jews and Israel against Hamas and other Arabs.

Both people are like the saying that birds of the same feathers flock together. The Jews are oppressed people around the world, despite their enormous contributions to the development of humanity and the modern world. Similarly, the Igbo are oppressed people around the Nigerian nation notwithstanding their enormous contributions to the development of the modern State of Nigeria.

The Jews, if not brothers to the Igbo, are their trusted friends and thus they must always stand by the side of the Jews and the State of Israel. It does not matter what the Jews or the State of Israel think of the Igbo as a group, whether in positive or negative terms; it does not matter if the claim of Igbo-Jewish origins is justified by historical facts; the point is that the Jews as a people and Israel as a nation provide the Igbo and every Christian the sense of history, identity and unquestionable pride as Christians.

For this reason, any person or group of persons who craves the destruction of the State of Israel and the Jews is regarded as an inveterate enemy of the Igbo and the Nigerian Christians. This is the ground on which every Igbo sees himself as more sentimentally attached to the State of Israel than the present shaky edifice called Nigeria, and it is for the same reason the average Igbo young man would rather die fighting for Israel than his country Nigeria.

•Nwankwo T. Nwaezeigwe, PhD, DD is Odogwu of Ibusa.