Israeli forces are preparing to demolish the West Bank home of a Palestinian who murdered a Jewish man in Jerusalem’s Old City before being shot dead, the Army said, on Monday.

Abdul Rahmani Faddal, 28, stabbed Adiel Kolman in the torso on Sunday evening before being shot by police. Kolman died of his wounds a few hours later in a Jerusalem hospital.

“Following the stabbing attack yesterday in Jerusalem in which Adiel Kolman was killed, troops… surveyed the terrorist’s house in Aqraba before demolition,” the army said.

“In addition, the terrorist’s family members were questioned.”

Kolman, 32, was a father of four from Kokhav Hashahar settlement. He will be buried, on Monday, at 11:00 am (0900 GMT).

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The attack came after a Friday car ramming by a Palestinian near Jenin in the northern West Bank that the army said killed two Israeli soldiers and wounded two others.

Tensions were high after Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas called for a day of rage on Friday to mark 100 days since US President Donald Trump’s controversial recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

In Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem, suspected Jewish extremists punctured tyres on Palestinian-owned cars and scrawled religious and anti-Arab graffiti on vehicles and homes, police said Monday.

Images released by the police showed slogans including “there’s no room in Israel for foreigners and enemies of God” and “the Arabs of Jerusalem are terrorists who should be expelled or killed”.

The incident, near the Pisgat Zeev settlement neighbourhood, was being investigated, police said.