From Molly Kilete, Abuja

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Reports claiming that Nnmadi Kanu, the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is being treated poorly in custody has been described as fake news and a ploy to get him out of detention security sources have revealed.
Top security sources have also
hinted that the stories making the rounds that Kanu, was poisoned in custody of the Department of State Services(DSS), and his health condition  is a ruse to stir public sympathy for his freedom.
The media has been a-washed  in recent times with allegations by his lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, that Kanu is being denied access to his doctors thus leading to the deterioration of his health.
But a security source who would not want to be mentioned in print, said it was false and aimed to tarnish the image of the Service, which has always maintained its standard operating procedures.
The source hinted that the IPOB leader besides having access to his doctors was treated with utmost care to his needs.
According to the source “He has his old health condition like every other person but as we speak he is hale and hearty. He is even given the food of his choice at his request. 
The source further said that Whatever he asks for is provided for him and he is well taken care of,”  the source said.
Continuing, the source said “He seems to be fed up with being in detention and the entire stories flying is just a plot to see that he is released from the custody of the Service,”.
Further investigations also revealed that Kanu asked his brother, Emmanuel Kanu to stop making public statements so they are not misconstrued as his position or that of his group.
This was the view of some security sources who reacted to the story that Kanu’s health was deteriorating in detention and needed his doctors to attend to him.
Recall that IPOB’s spokesman, Emma Powerful had insisted last week that Kanu was sick and his deteriorating health was not political.
IPOB maintained that its leader, Kanu is dying, adding that his worsening health status is real.
However, investigations revealed that Kanu is currently been taken care off by the best medical personnel of the DSS and external doctor when the need arises.
The sources also said this was not the first time the acclaimed leader of IPOB would be playing this trick as he had always resorted to seeking public sympathy inorder to be granted bail.
The sources wondered why the federal government poisoned Kanu when he is actually needed alive and healthy to answer to charges preferred against him in the Court of law?
Also recall that one of the family members of Kanu, has urged members of the public, to discountenance the voice note circulating in the social media, alleging that the IPOB leader has been poisoned.
Kanu’s younger brother, Prince Emmanuel told newsmen that he, along with Kanu’s lawyers, on Thursday, met with the IPOB leader at the Abuja headquarters of the Department of State Services (DSS), where he is currently detained.
He said his brother did not tell him he was poisoned.
Kanu’s brother wondered how the story of the alleged poisoning began, and cautioned against fake news.
Prince Emmanuel urged Kanu’s followers, Biafrans and members of the public not to take laws into their hands but to remain calm.
Kanu’s brother had posted on his Facebook page the outcome of the Thursday’s meeting with him.
The post read: ” I Met with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in the company of Evangelist and Barr Nnaemeka Ejiofor, at Department of State Services, Abuja.
“As always, we focused more on victories recorded and way forward .He maintained that this struggle for liberation remains a collective fight and thanked those who have not betrayed the struggle.

“He said Nigeria has continuously flouted the orders of her own court and such will never be tolerated in IPOB. Those who attack this noble structure were not there when it was built and can never be brought down