By Chinenye Anuforo

In recognition of International Nurses’ Day and the crucial role nurses play in overcoming limited healthcare resources in Africa, Roche Diabetes Care has launched the Nurses on Diabetes (NOD) program. This online course equips Nigerian nurses with the latest techniques in diabetes management.

The NOD program aligns with the 2024 International Nurses’ Day theme, “Our Nurses. Our Future,” which emphasizes the economic power of care and recognizes the significant contributions nurses make to patients, particularly in Africa where socioeconomic inequalities in healthcare access are prevalent.

In Africa, where healthcare resources are limited, nurses are often the first point of contact for patients managing diabetes. The NOD online course aims to overcome barriers to healthcare education and empower nurses to provide effective care. The program goes beyond clinical education, incorporating coaching elements to promote a holistic approach to diabetes management.

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Dorcas Daniel Kajang, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer at the Federal Medical Centre in Nigeria, shares her experience with the NOD program: “NOD has expanded my knowledge and strengthened my understanding of recent diabetes studies. It has equipped me to deliver high-quality nursing services that meet international best practices for caring for clients with diabetes.”

Nwankwo Joy Chioma, Assistant Director of Nursing Service at the Federal Medical Centre in Nigeria, highlights the impact of the NOD program: “Nurses who have participated in the program have acquired valuable skills and knowledge regarding the management of diabetic patients. They can now efficiently study and analyze patients’ laboratory results and categorize patients according to the stage of the disease. This knowledge has enabled them to engage in meaningful discussions with other healthcare providers, leading to more accurate diagnoses and comprehensive treatment plans for patients.”

Susan Snell, Area Head IMEA 3 at Roche Diabetes Care, emphasizes the importance of investing in nurse education: “Nursing training solutions have far-reaching benefits for patients, the economy, and society at large. This complements Roche Diabetes Care’s commitment to improving access to care by supporting all aspects of care, including education.”

On International Nurses’ Day, Roche Diabetes Care urges stakeholders to recognize the importance of investing in nurse education and to support initiatives like NOD to improve diabetes care across Africa.