Gyang Bere, Jos


Following 18 years of unabated killings that have claimed several lives in Jol and Mahanga communities of Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State, the Berom and Fulani women have called for a cease-fire.

The women condemned in totality the ambush of a 25-year-old boy in Kwi village and murder of a 12-year-old boy at a border between Mahanga and Jol villages last Tuesday and urged the community leaders to expose the perpetrators.

The women disclosed this on Saturday during an intra-dialogue meeting organized by Search For Common Ground Nigeria, Coordinated by  Patience Chairman which brought together members of the warring communities 18 years after unabated killings.

A woman from Jol community, Chundung Thomas, said indiscriminate grazing close to areas of residence, incessant attacks on the community, ambush on the roads and attack on youths, tin miners, women in the bush by herders had prolong violence in the villages.

She noted that raping of women in the farms, illegal occupation and erecting of structures on farmlands without permission by herders should stop to resolve the problem.

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Maimuna Mohammed, a Fulani woman from Mahanga community said beating of shepherds in the bush by farmers which resulted to injuries and sometimes death, killing of cattle, husbands, and shepherds in the bush by farmers have prolonged violence in the communities.

“We should return to our old time mutual relationship and stop beating shepherds in the bush that resulted in multiple injuries and death, that way, we will have an enduring peace in our communities.”

The 72-year-old village Head of Jol, Da. Danladi Taje, said the Berom natives are willing and eager to resolve all issues that have been the cause of killings in the communities since 2001.

He said the Fulani have taken over more than five hamlets in the villages and were erecting new structures without permission.

The Chief Imam of Mahanga, Suleiman Ibrahim, called on the two communities to cease fire for the enthronement of genuine and enduring peace in the local government.

Chairman of Riyom Local Government Area, Hon. Emmanuel, Danboyi Jugul, urged the two communities to stop pretending over the issue of peace and lack of justice for the development of the council area.

“I want the Fulani and the natives to stop pretending and pursue genuine peace; we don’t want a situation where we will all agree to embrace peace and after the meeting then killing will resume. We should be sincere to ourselves and pursue what will guarantee a peaceful environment.”