From Okwe Obi, Abuja

Former inspector general of police, Mike Okiro, yesterday, bemoaned the spate of insecurity, bad governance and impact of climate change in the country, saying citizens have never been this worried, distressed and rattled.

He specifically said insecurity did not come up in a jiffy, rather it was caused by static, porous security architecture that offered the leeway for the spate of security breaches to gain traction which led to the present unpleasant happenstances.

Okiro spoke at the 18th City Mall Annual Lecture and Award (NFONA), entitled: “The Menace of Insecurity, Governance and Climate Change.”

Represented by his aide, Supreme Ibitomi, he said: “Nigerians have never been this worried, distressed and rattled by factors seemingly defying clear cut solutions as presently, no thanks to the evil trio.

“Notwithstanding the foreboding scenario, we, as a committed and focused people, must have the presence of mind to dissect the issues exacerbating the current state of despair dispassionately to trace the root causes and proffer a workable roadmap to steer our ship of state aright

“I feel it is pertinent to reinstate that the insecurity pervading our land stemmed from our collective responsibility both as leaders and the led. 

“Over time, it has been emphasised that the prime and foremost core mandate of any government is to guarantee the security of lives and property of the citizens. 

“In that context, while government has that as a responsibility, the citizens too have its obligation of adequately assisting government to discharge its responsibility properly and effectively.

“Where there is disdain, nonchalance and lack of interest in what is happening in our environment, a steady decline in observance of law and order will definitely set in.

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“Invariably, if such trend will persist over time, a gulf will spruce up which miscreants can easily take advantage of to cause mayhem here and there.”

Meanwhile,  former first lady, Patience Jonathan, has said the wisdom, skills and appeal of women should be sought after in tackling problems in the country. 

Represented by her aide, Patience Iluma, she said: “We are at a stage in our country where we need the wisdom, skills and appeal of mothers in order to bring peace and prosperity to our land. 

“I always say where there is a woman, there is peace and where there is peace, there is progress and prosperity. 

“We, the women, are critical stakeholders in the nation’s development process, for which grace unity and harmony, as we all seek to build a just and progressive society.”

Publisher of City Mail Magazine and Organiser of the event, Anita Umewe, said she picked the topic because of the pervasiveness of insecurity and bad governance.

“I cannot say we should stop talking about insecurity. Sometimes most of the things you journalists publish make changes. 

“So, moment we keep talking and talking the better for us. I chose this topic because the security is poor. Governance is equally poor. 

“How can a graduate finish school and you see him riding motorcycle and pushing wheelbarrow. That is not good,” Umewe said.