Tony John, Port Harcourt

An Egi-born indigent student  of Showers Christian Schools in Rivers State,  Master Holy Destiny Ike, has won the British Council high recognition and outstanding Cambridge Learners Award for 2020. 

The teenager, Ike, became the best in Nigeria, scoring 94 per cent in Combined Science (O’ Level) in the Cambridge International Examinations in the November 2019. This is said to be the best result in three sessions in the subject. This achievement also made him the second person since 2017 from Showers Schools to win such recognition in the Cambridge  examinations.

The Education Report gathered that four Showers Schoolstudents made Distinctions (A’s) in the same subject, Combined Science O’ Levels, in top grades: distinctions, also in Mathematics, and  A’s in English Language.

The Learners Award acknowledged exceptional Nigeria-based learners’ achievements in  Cambridge  examinations taken by students around the world through the British Council.

The primary purpose of these awards is said to celebrate and  recognise the success of high-performing Cambridge learners and the partner-schools that have exemplified equality, diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and Child Protection policies.

Reacting to the award, Mrs. Ekama Akpan, the proprietress,  said: “Again, we thank God, and will continue to thank Him, Total E&P Nigeria Ltd, the parents, and our committed, hard working teachers, who in spite of all, supported and believed in the dreams of the management, to train and graduate students in a sustainable manner devoid of examination malpractice”.

She said the grades were made possible at Showers schools through the discipline exacted on the students to work hard, with zero tolerance for examination malpractice.

Akpan stated: “We ensure every grade scored is defensible anywhere in the world. That is why our graduates continue to earn their laurels in the top universities in Europe, North America, Australia, among others.

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Ike hails from Amah in Egi community and was admitted at 11 to Showers Christian High School, adding “his entry performance was below average, but with the schedule of teaching in place, he made a great improvement to warrant the success seen today.

“Students are taught to use analytical reasoning in application to their subject-study. With the strict regimented syllabus compulsory cover, where all the subjects syllabuses must be completed by SS2 to make enough room for revision.  His performance was, therefore, not a surprise as he, and many others before him had imbibed the advance reading system in all their subjects before the final examinations”, she revealed.

“Showers International School was given the mandate by Total E& P to teach the students to the level to be competitive with the best in Nigeria.”

She said  there were many hidden and unrecognized talents in the state that are waiting to be discovered and groomed to excel. She stated that more support was required to be able to develop such talents to seize the opportunities to achieve more  global academic accolades.

Akpan observed that most class topers in topmost schools in Western Nigeria come from Rivers State and the Niger Delta, an indication that there are brains in the Niger Delta who must not be allowed to waste.

According to her, many of the products of the school are top-rated doctors, lawyers, architects and others around the world.

Meanwhile, the elated award-winner, Ike commented thus; “The school jealously guards its policy on examination malpractice, which has drilled us to understand that nothing good comes easy, and that quality does not come by chance, but by hard work. Showers group has  a philosophy that says, if you fall, you pick yourself up and try again until you get it right.

“I particularly appreciate my parents for their consistent love, belief in me and encouragement, in spite of their own financially challenging circumstances.

“The International Learners Award means a lot to me.  I believe this achievement will also challenge other students in and outside my school to strive to work harder to merit such awards”, he expressed.