The world’s population can easily be divided into two categories; ones that inspire and ones that get inspired. The ones that set examples for others to follow are usually dream chasers, innovative, and live with a champion’s mindset. These people lead a life that allows others to learn and succeed, sometimes not intentionally. Even their mistakes bring invaluable lessons to people looking for inspiration and motivation. They help instill hope in people’s hearts, convincing them to step out of their comfort zone, follow their dreams, and build their lives. Serving as true assets for this world, every person who inspires must be brought under the spotlight.

Today, the man that has caught the attention is Michael Ede, known for his multiple businesses and managing top footballers worldwide. While the world usually looks up to individuals that work in a specific direction and with successful careers in a single niche, Michael is one that inspires by pursuing his multiple passions. He motivates and inspires the masses as a multi-potentialite, convincing the masses that everything is possible when there is a will, motivation, and dedication.
Michael Ede is a serial entrepreneur, Football Association (FA) registered Intermediary, investor, project manager, and a loving husband and father. He is indeed what the world calls ‘the man of many hats.’

Born in a place where opportunities rarely knock at the doors, Michael built his destiny by creating opportunities for himself. He was born in Nigeria on March 3, 1975 and raised on this land. After completing his high school education, he earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Jos. He was a firm believer in hard work and knew that hustling in the right direction would open doors to numerous opportunities for him. Young Michael decided to step out of the country and equip himself with the right skills to achieve success in life. He moved to the United Kingdom and enrolled in Manchester Metropolitan University to acquire a master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

With his ‘champion’s mindset‘ and the ability to ‘not stop until a goal is achieved,’ Michael has established himself as the lead management professional, football agent, and a successful serial entrepreneur. Before he started running his businesses, he worked with some well-known financial institutions, including Barclays, HSBC, Bank of Ireland, and biopharma giants, AstraZeneca. While working at these firms, Michael equipped himself with the necessary skills that would help him set up his own business consultancy.

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Besides getting an MBA, he spent years working in the corporate sector. This helped him develop expertise in multiple domains. From project management and content business strategy to analytical and revolutionary business re-strategisation, social entrepreneurship, and international business, Michael was ready to start his own venture. In 2013, he laid the foundation of Maigmike Consulting. Operating as an IT consulting and management firm, it has become one of the leading companies in the country.

But it does not stop here for Michael Ede. While he was determined to succeed in his life, he loved sports. He spent a lot of time playing sports but was inclined to excel at academics as it was one of the most powerful ways, he could acquire success in the world. Being an African, he did not have many opportunities to make it big in this industry, so he devoted most of his time to studying. He is a true ‘Gooner,’ a strong supporter of Arsenal Football Club. And he also established Uplift11 Sports, a sports management agency, in 2020. The agency not only helped him channel his love for sports the right way but also became a ray of hope for all aspiring African athletes. He once stated, “what Africa lacks was not resources or talent but the lack of strategic leadership.” In addition to helping young African athletes have a chance at becoming top athletes, his agency has worked with Lugiani Gallardo, Tonći Kukoč, Charlevy Mabiala, and Lewis Horner. The clientele also extends to some notable coaches.

Michael Ede spent over 18 years building, stabilising, and taking his businesses towards success. Today he is a well-known individual not just in the corporate sector but also in the sports industry. Many platforms have termed Uplift11 Sports as the UK’s most renowned talent incubator. He aims to inspire and motivate the masses, which has turned him into a social media influencer. On Instagram, he has 1.4M followers, and his Facebook page has over 36K followers. Besides all this, Michael is deeply in love with his wife, Sarah Ede, who he married in 2016. He brought her on board as the COO at Maigmike Consulting. Together they not only raise two children, a daughter, Anne Elizabeth, and a son, Jason Asher-Michael but also run a leading business consulting firm. While achieving success, Michael does not overlook his family and is the happiest with them.

Anyone who wishes to succeed in life but also wants to learn to balance his career with family life needs to connect with Michael Ede, the man of many hats, indeed.