• Nigerians share thoughts on lady’s claims of using private part to navigate through school

By Kate Halim, Felix Ikem And Stanley Uzoaro

A young lady’s TikTok video went viral this week. In the video, she expressed gratitude to God and her private part for seeing her through her studies at the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Imo State. Saturday Sun spoke to some Nigerians who shared different views about the viral video. 

It’s a shameful act 

– Muna Henry, businesswoman  

Ladies of nowadays have thrown caution to the winds. Even if she went through that, it is not something to boast about. Such a shameful act should be kept a secret. She still has many bridges to cross in life. This useless video of hers may still stand against her in 20 years time. Marriage is still there, seeking jobs is there, she might have a chance to contest for elective position or appointments in the future. If you think about having a great future, you will be cautious about your activities on social media. The young lady is not wise. She should have kept whatever happened in school to herself. 

Our educational system has deteriorated

-Chinyelu Uduchukwu-Akpaka, teacher

That viral video shows how deteriorated the educational system has become. It’s so bad and fearful that a lady will be bold to say such a thing publicly. But when the system isn’t working, what do you expect? Gone are the days when saying such a thing is a shame. Caution has been thrown to the winds and almost everything abnormal has become the norm and acceptable.  Normally, what the young lady said isn’t something to be proud of, but here we are. She feels on top of the world doing such because the system has failed us. We need to go back to the drawing board if we want the next generation to do better. 

Making video is in poor state 

– Nkeiruka Adaeze Chris, businesswoman 

After watching that video, I noticed that the young lady was intentional about the word she used. Her countenance when she said that it could only be God and her private part shows that she knew what she said. I read somewhere that she said that it was a slip of tongue because she wanted to say popsy instead which means dad. I think making that video is in poor taste. 

Young people should be careful about what they do online just to chase clout because it may backfire on them. But most times, they don’t know the implications of what they are doing online. 

Immoral things happen in tertiary institutions – Ikenna Eze, digital marketer

Even though I got angry after watching that young lady’s video, I feel pity for her. We don’t have to pretend about some of the immoral things that happen daily in our universities. A lot of lecturers have become hunters instead of guardians. They use their power to have immoral relationships with young girls. On the other hand, I blame the lady for making that video. And I also feel she just made that video for social media fame. Even that has its own implications. She should have known better and kept her secret to herself instead of attracting unnecessary attention to herself. 

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Heads should roll in that school 

– Solomon Gwiyi, social critic 

It represents the state of our education. It also explains why most of our graduates are not productive. In a nutshell, this has exposed the level of decay and rot in society, the education sector in particular. My counsel is that the girl should be probed further so she can name lecturers who exchanged sex for marks with her for possible punishment. In a discerning society, this is a call for a total overhaul of the system. Heads should have been rolling, had this happened in a decent society. As for the girl, retraining and rehabilitation center should be her next destination.

She should be forgiven 

– Christopher Nnadi, banker

There is nothing wrong with the story going viral because we are in a digital age. If such a story doesn’t get the popularity it generated, what else do you think should go viral? It deserved the attention it got. Where there is no sin, there will be no forgiveness. The lady in question has acknowledged her mistake or sin as the case may be and sought forgiveness. For that, she should be forgiven..

She’s a disgrace to herself, family, society – Mrs. Amaka Agbo, trader

Forget about the student’s defence by her representatives; the damage has been done. She’s a disgrace to herself, her family, the institution, and the society. The school authorities should take a proper step and punish her for her misconduct as well as review her activities and performance from year one to date. Social media courses should be introduced in our tertiary institutions because many appeared to be ignorant of what it represents and how best to use them. The social media have taken a toll on our generation, especially the youth, most of them have lost their cultural values. 

She should not be punished 

– Dr. Ebere Uzoukwa, communication scholar

If truly it was established that she said such a thing, it’s condemnable, because morally it’s wrong for a child that had a good upbringing to attribute her success to such immorality. It’s unfortunate. But I disagree that she should be punished. I don’t like what the management of the school did especially the Public Relations Department. The issue was not well managed. They should have set up a panel to look into it rather than going public to respond to her claims. 

She should get fair hearing 

– Paul Ogenyi, businessman 

What she said does not necessarily mean sex for grade. It could be from outside. They must not attach her comment to the institution. They should have kept quiet, until she comes out to say, ‘it’s the institution. My lecturers were demanding sex for marks. She should not be punished but investigated. She should be given the chance to clear what she said. She should get fair hearing.