“God will continue to bless you for being a blessing to us in this era. I got married to my wife and I started having breakthrough. It became a point of attraction to the extent that people envied me so much and I started having attacks in my dreams. I did not attach importance to it until I was served with a strange meat in my dream by my very good and close friend who on the same day served me with the same kind of food physically. I ate it with my wife in my office and that was how she had miscarriage of our five months old unborn baby. Our business started crumbling to the point of total failure and disappointment. From that time, both of us started having a moving object inside our body system. We have been taking all manner of treatment, including herbal, but we got no solution. For 10 years, my wife did not see her monthly period or menstruation. We went through hell both in health and in our business. In fact, at a point I started contemplating committing suicide to end it once and for all. But my wife kept encouraging me each time she read your article. Sir, we contacted you and after investigating the matter you informed me of the dream I had and how same led to my present situation. You advised us to order some bottles of your oil and we did after a while. When we got the oil, we did the prayer and God started working miracles. My wife’s menstruation started flowing monthly as expected and both of us had a particular dream the same day and at the same time on how the demonic object went out of our body systems. The demonic object is no more inside us and my business was restored. Only last month, my wife had a baby girl for me and we are grateful to God for this miracle. You are truly an instrument in God’s hand.”

– Mr. Godey S.E., [email protected]       

“Dear Sir, recall that I sent you a testimony about my family some months ago. The man I talked about with swollen stomach, who wanted my husband dead, later developed some kind of unknown sickness, which many regarded as demonic. Though he has confessed being responsible for what happened to my husband after the use of your oil. He was almost dead last week until I called you and you asked me to use the same oil on him and do another kind of prayer you gave me. When I did that sir, the following day, he walked out of hospital after having all-night running stomach; the experience led to the coming down of his swollen stomach. All the sickness disappeared. The medical doctor was amazed and asked me what I did and I introduced him to your column and he also ordered some bottles for his own spiritual problems too. Thank you, Prof, and God bless you.”

– Sister Esther N.

Don’t forget that the Bible affirms that he will come as a thief and must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. The good question is, which generation was Christ referring to? Don’t also forget that Christ had on another occasion inferred thus, “Truly I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled” Matt. 24:34. The question again is, which generation is Christ referring to? He was referring to the generation that witnessed the birth of the unborn King of kings and Lord of lords. We shall consequently x-ray the generation the Christ talked about in this open exposition soon.

Very soon the whole world shall soon celebrate the birth of the ancient monarch that has brought peace to mankind in different ways. As we come to the full knowledge of the divine manifestation of the anthropomorphised divine being, those who rebelled him shall gnash their teeth in pain.

Now speaking on the generation he was referring to, the situation is very clear here; because speaking from a profound biblical eschatology it is very obvious that those events relative to the last generation started unfolding rapidly from 1918. 1918 is the year of the budding of the FIG TREE which is Israel and it was the same year that Israel was officially recognized as homeland for the Jews. In 1948, the British withdrew her control under the Mandate, and Israel declared herself an independent state with boundaries set up by the United Nations. The year 1948 was gotten by adding 30 years (which is the Jewish number for maturity) to 1918. This however indicated that the FIG TREE (Israel) which budded in 1918 matured after 30 years in 1948.

1917 was the year in which General Allenby captured Jerusalem from the Ottoman Turks. 1967 is the years Israel gained victory over Egypt and the Arabs in the 6-DAY WAR in which Israel freed Jerusalem from Arab control.

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The year 1967 was gotten by adding 50 years (which is the Jewish number for restoration) to 1917. This means that the nation of Israel whose independence was declared in 1948 was restored by liberating the holy city of Jerusalem following the 6-DAY WAR in 1967. Following the above, many Christians all over the world watched carefully and waited for the Second Advent following God’s prophetic calendar in 1998. Many of them believed that 1998 was going to usher in the Armageddon.

The year 1998 was gotten by adding 80 years (which is a Jewish number for full generation) to 1918. The eighty years was gotten from the Bible in Psalms 90:10 which says, “the days of our years are three score years and ten (seventy years), and if by reason of strength they be four score years (eighty years)”

It is however in the plan of the great God that a “generation” from the time of the budding of the FIG TREE, in this case, the re-gathering of Israel in 1918, is seventy to eighty years which makes 1998 a crucial year in the Bible prophesy.

The Talmud, which is a book of the Jewish traditions and precepts, contains the following information: “the world will stand six thousand years. There will be two thousand years of confusion, two thousand years under the law, and two thousand years of the time of the messiah”. Though the Jews did not believe that the messiah has come, yet their great law book in which they believe more than the Bible contains information suggesting that we are now at the end of two thousand years of the time of the messiah. The same history is repeating itself in this era of the universal manifestation of the master and majority of the church men (modern Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes) are still expecting him to crash-land from the sky in view of their prescribed biblical interpretations.

The manner in which he came during the first advent (through birth), in like manner (via the womb of a woman) he has come to bamboozle those church leaders who arrogate to themselves the key to biblical interpretations, authenticating the fact that the ways of God are not man’s ways.

Christ in the Gospel of Luke 17:24-25 is quoted thus, “for as the lightning, that lightneth, shineth unto the other part under heaven, so shall also the son of man be in his day. But first must he suffer many things and be rejected of this generation”. Today there are many personalities claiming to be the savior in this age. They belong to one secret society or the other by virtue of which they acquire the esoteric training required for such bogus claims. I had such experience in the past in accordance with the highest astro-metaphysical recognition of the inner/psychic world. The experience however made me to realize that it was through higher esoteric manipulation that one can think of himself as been the Christ.

Check it out dear reader all those who are claiming to be the Christ in this era are attached to one cult, society and fraternity or the other expect The Sole Spiritual Head of the whole Universe, as research has shown who did not even attend primary school or any Church and who consequently challenged the world to find out if he at any time in his life has registered to any existing society, fraternity, cult, club or otherwise. What a being!

According to Biblical verdict he shall suffer many things and be rejected by many in this generation. His appearance in Africa and Nigeria in particular authenticate the forgotten fact that God can appear in any human pole to teach man how man can merge in Him. Depending upon the time and circumstances, he may appear in flesh and blood as a European, an American, an African, an Australian, an Arab, an Asian, a Chinese. The age, the country of origin and the audience may differ but the focal point of establishing God’s kingdom in theory and practice ever remains the same. Though he had already informed us that the kingdom will be taken away from Israel and be given to (Africa) the nation of Edom.