Tony Ogaga

AFRO-fusion act, Muma Gee has definitely paid her news as far as the Nigerian entertainment space is concerned. In this chat, she talks about motherhood, career and romance among other inter- esting issues.

What was 2019 like, any regrets?

First permit me to use this medium to express my profound gratitude for your support, encouragements and patronage all through 2019. Many thanks to the media, your write ups, whether negative or positive, boosted my brand one way or the other. God bless you so much and I love you all as I bring you good tidings
this festive season and welcome you into 2020 with best wishes. The year 2019 was significantly a great year for me, most especially, regarding the completion of my latest album which is due for release on the 28th of March instead of 1st of February. My career blew back into the international stage with my performance at the UNESCO House in Paris, during the African Fashion Reception. This was followed by my European tour in Venice, Sicily and Milan. I also want to thank Lexy Mojo-Eyes of Legendary Gold and my international manager, Miss Crystal.

What are your plans going into 2020?

My plan is to channel all energy and hard work into making sure the Muma Gee Live Culture Rocks Concert designed to tour locally, nationwide and internationally in designated countries with my latest album is a success. And on the 28th of March, the maiden edition of Culture Rocks Lagos will hold at the Terra Kulture in Victoria Island, Lagos, where music will meet the arts and culture for global peace. This is a handful to kick start the year while I let my creator direct my steps and that of members of my team so help us God.

As a busy mother of three, how are you able to blend motherhood and your career successfully?

At this point in my life, blending motherhood with three lovely children and my career without being deceitful is an effortless thing as it has become a life style for me and my pretty ones who grew up knowing they
were given birth to by a none- regular mother called Muma Gee. (Laughter) They returned home one day after I had visited their school’s open day and called me in chorus ‘Muma Gee High Chief’ and ran off to their rooms. In that shock I ran after them and asked ‘who thought that you that?’ They laughed and the youngest responded ‘our teachers.’ I was like wow! From then I noticed that they like watching me perform and enjoy joining me during some of my video shoots and concerts especially at weekends and holidays. And when I go out professionally, I ensure the children are comfortable and well secured with their grand mom who is always on point and has been around since the day they were born and at least, two maids are always on standby. I ensure to return home before they go to bed each day and if I have to leave town, I call them and seek their cooperation before I go and promise a gift on my return so they can let me go next time. I make sure we spend quality time together by seeing movies together among others. Sometimes we go swimming or even working out together. You can see that my children are highly supportive too as they teach me some dance steps from their cartoons.

What has been the sweetest thing that happened to you as a mother?

The sweetest thing that happened are my sweet little babies. At five-years of age, Caesar Chika, Cleopatra Chisa and Mona Oma Oluebube Eke who is three years old can now read and write; thanks to their new school. The only regret but in total submission to the Almighty God is the killing of my uncle and community king by three unknown gunmen in Rivers State.

Would you give love another chance?

Love? Another chance? Sure! Why not? And it has to be with a real man who treats me like a real woman–you know what I mean (laughter).

In all that you have been through, have you ever considered quitting?

Never! There has never been a moment I felt like quitting music because of motherhood and that is not because there have not been challenges. There will always be even when the children are grown and I will still say never by the grace of God, and the answer is simply because I have perfected the art of motherhood which is what I grew up knowing as my primary assignment in life and as a girl child properly groomed into womanhood from Ekpeye land but guess what? I took a break for years to build a family as a devoted and submissive house wife but it didn’t pay me so my advice for women is to put in their best to build a family, multi task and simultaneously build their careers without hurting their spouses and children.