Actress/filmmaker, Nazo Ekezie is not only dark and beautiful, she also possesses a curvaceous body that a man can die for.

But despite her natural endowments, the screen diva is still single and searching. In an encounter with Saturday Sun, the Ozubulu-Anambra State-born Ekezie couldn’t hide her frustrations.

She confessed: “I’m not into any serious relationship right now. I’m single and available! My kind of man? I’m not bothered about physical look but you wouldn’t be looking like a masquerade either. I want a good-looking guy, with average (height). He must be ready to accept me for who I am, and my career as well. Also, his brain and how his mind functions are more important to me.”

And what of his pockets? “That one is so important,” Ekezie responded. “I’m not looking out to marry a Dangote but my man must be comfortable. He has to be able to provide for me. These are the issues.”

Lending her voice to the rate at which celebrities fake luxurious lifestyles on the Internet, the actress begs to differ. “I don’t know how to fake it or pretend. I can’t even snap (a picture) beside someone’s car because there is no gain in it. I’m honest to a fault. However, society expects more from us as celebrities. So, a lot of actors are pressured by society. Nigerians are conflicted; they want you to be humble, then the next minute, they complain that you are too modest. Women often create these problems. So, if people tend to live fake lifestyles, I won’t blame them. They have to meet up.”