Nollywood actress cum entrepreneur, Ebun Hodo, is such a fashion lover. 

The script interpreter who recently took a break from acting to face her tailoring business in a chat with Sunday Sun shed light on what prompted her decision.

She said: “I’m building my brand to where I want it to be, by God’s grace. Hence, I took a break from movies. I have always been a fashion lover right from when I was a child. I’m obsessed with fashion that it got to a point where I was nicknamed ‘Hot Babe’ during my school days. Back then, I always spent my last kobo just to look good. One fateful day, an inspiration came and I told myself that I could go learn how tailors make clothes. That was how I got into fashion fully and started monetizing it.”

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Speaking on the affordability of her Hodees brand, the actress assured that she›s considerate with charges.

“My brand, Hodees, is for every Nigerian. In most cases, it depends on what a client wants. I can assure you that my outfits are extremely affordable. I have been working on myself and most especially how to expand my brand to target the right audience. By God’s grace we will get to where we want to be,” Hodo said.