By Christian Agadibe


For Nollywood diva, Kenechukwu Eze, acting is not a bed of roses. It’s a path filled with thorns and thistles.

In this interview, she talks about her career, challenges, new movie, as well as her most embarrassing moments. Here are excerpts:

What do you like most about the character you played in the new movie, Living Butterfly?

My name is Kenechuwu Eze. I am a Nollywood actor. First, in Living Butterfly, I answered the same name I answer in real life. Second, I played this calm, collected person who is full of life and love. I also love the twist in the character. When she thought she was fool all the while, she later found out that she’s not even part of the family. That’s something I really love about the character.

How do you feel premiering a big movie like this in Enugu instead of Lagos?

I feel so excited and grateful to God. Talking about the premiere, when I got to the car park, I was so nervous. People didn’t even know I was the one because everywhere was dark. Then, I listened to people’s positive comments and reviews. I am overwhelmed and happy that something like this was premiered in Enugu. We had a whole lot of people turn up for the premiere. It makes every producer or actor out there to sit up and do more and even better films.

Tell us about your rise to stardom. How did it happen?

Firstly, it’s the grace and mercy of God. I wasn’t aspiring to be an actor. I was a model; I was keen on modeling, which I’m doing but not anymore. Some celebrities would ask me to come into acting. But I’ll tell them ‘I don’t think that’s my thing’. One day, my director, Oracle was having an audition call. I told my sister to let’s go and have some fun. The next Saturday I asked my sisters if they were interested in going to the audition again, but they said they were tired. So, I went alone. The person who was the judge was the owner of the job. So, the director didn’t have any say. I always think I do badly in auditions, but after this audition, I was called and given a role. That’s how it all started. Every little role I’m given, I dedicate it to God and secondly, I always put in my best. 

From the onset, did you think you were going to be this popular?

I did it for the fun of it. First time I went to audition, I was picked. So, I was like ‘this is not bad after all, let’s see how it goes’. Now, people see my movies on Africa Magic and they commend me.

What has fame denied you of?

Friends… because there’s no time to cultivate friendship.

So, you don’t keep friends any longer?

I still keep friends. Having new ones is the problem. I still keep my old friends but generally, there’s no time, I am always at work.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to you?

A female fan fell down and was rolling on the ground. You see, I’m a very shy person but in front of the camera, I am not shy. In real life, I’m very shy; I can’t face the crowd.

Have you been sexually harassed?

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No, I’ve never been sexually harassed. That’s why when people talk about sexual harassment, I’m like ‘how did it lead to such?’ Of course, anywhere you go to, they talk about producer or director making advances. But it’s seen everywhere – in the banking industry, corporate firms, and market places. Sexual harassment is everywhere but because entertainers are in the spotlight, people think it’s rampant in the industry. Recently, I was at the airport and a female officer was like ‘when actresses and actors do something, it’s everywhere; but if we do something, nobody knows about it.

Tell us your most embarrassing moments.

My most embarrassing moment was being shouted at on set, in the presence of everyone. Another one was asking, ‘Can you do it’ or ‘what do you think you’re doing’ or ‘you have to take it like that’. As for paying dues, I was not paid for some jobs despite coming all the way. Also, it’s embarrassing coming for a job and working for two days straight. But those things helped in building me. And I say thank you for making me pass through all these, because it helped build me.

Some actors are popular but not rich; which one do you belong?

I don’t know where I belong now. But all I’m praying God is for me to be rich and have fame. Acting takes my time, so why won’t I make money from it?

Are you married or single?

I am single.

Would you marry someone that’s a fan of yours?

Yes, I can marry a fan if it’s God’s will.

Are you in a relationship?

I would like to keep that private.

What’s your kind of guy?

I want you to pamper me to the fullest, because I’m a baby girl. I don’t want a hard guy.

Tell us about your fashion sense?

I can dress like a mad person at home, but once they say ‘come out…’ However, I love decent, classy wears.

What’s the accessory you can’t do without when you’re stepping out?

Heels. I love heels. I can go with very light jewelries and light makeup. Then I love hair but it should be classy, not exposing too much

What’s your favourite meal?

Rice, cereals. I love good food. I love chocolates. I love junk food. However, God has blessed my siblings and I with good cooking skills.