Nancy Umeh, professional chef, public health consultant and registered nurse, has vowed to continue to teach the public on the importance of good food, recipes, exercises and safe cookware.

Nancy Umeh is a highly skilled health professional who received training abroad. Her academic qualifications is as intimidating as the number of personalities she is in one body. She graduated with a Masters of Science Degree in Public Health from the University of Sunderland, United Kingdom, in 2013.

She was also awarded a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with first class honours from the University of Sunderland, United Kingdom, in 2012.

The health expert shares healthy family recipes on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Her videos have helped hundreds of families stay away from picky eating, prevent and cure avoidable illnesses by sharing tips on healthy and safe cooking.

Nancy Umehis also in the business of helping parents raise healthy children in wholeness and vitality. The public health consultant, who is a mother-of-two, is a different species of womanhood. A workaholic to the core! She is the founder of Radiance Cookware, a non-toxic cast iron cookware company in Nigeria.

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Nancy Umeh is co-founder of Ciumcurrent Nigeria, Nigeria’s leading warehousing, supermarket and shop fitting company. She has a book loaded with safe recipe ideas and can be downloaded on her Instagram bio.

In a recent post on her Instagtam, Nancy Umeh wrote, “I will continue to preach about good food, sleep, exercise and safe cookware, because really…they saved my life”.

One of the major concerns parents have about their young children is their picky nature with foods. But it is one area the professional chef has been pointing the search light, in the bid to help concerned parents understand why is it so and how they can find solutions.

In a video she uploaded on social media, Nancy Umeh pointed out that parents must kwow children refuse certain foods from 18 months to five years. According to her, it could be as a result of genetics, or bitter, sweet/fat sensitivity.

Nancy Umeh stressed that poor exposure (timing+variety) could also be responsible for the situation. The health consultant stated that sensory/oral motor challenges (developmental delay/ disability could also be blamed for the condition.