By Vivian Onyebukwa

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Dr Ibekwe Nnamdi Chimdi, the lawmaker representing Bende North Constituency, Abia State, recently visited Canada to attend the AfriCanada Energy Summit. During this visit, he emphasized the urgent need for collaboration and increased foreign investments in Bende North, with a focus on harnessing renewable energy resources.
Dr Ibekwe highlighted the critical role of policies and legislation in driving investments in renewable energy. He stressed that these legal norms are essential for accessibility, contribution, participation, and investment in the growth and development efforts in Abia State, Nigeria.
Drawing attention to the untapped potential of renewable energy in Africa, the lawmaker painted a vivid picture of the abundant solar and wind resources waiting to be harnessed. He emphasized that, “Power Africa”, is not just a slogan, but a vision of progress and prosperity, with the potential to transform the lives of millions in rural communities.
Dr. Ibekwe had a business meeting with strategic sectorial investors and renewable energy companies in Canada, where he highlighted the major renewable opportunities in Bende North Abia State.
Among the Canadian officials are Dr Jean Augustine, the first African Canadian woman to be elected into the House of Commons, David Smith MPP Scarborough Centre, Ontario Canada.
He also met with Dr Jose Etcheverry, Director International Renewable Energy Academy and Co – Chair Sustainable Energy Initiative Board of Governors York University Senator, York University. There were partnership agreements to ensure investments in renewable energy in Bende North and Abia State.
He underscored the challenges faced by rural communities in Abia State, where reliable electricity remains a distant dream for many. He highlighted the impact on families, businesses, and the aspirations of the youth, emphasizing the urgent need for action.
According to him, investing in renewable energy is not just an option but a moral imperative. It represents a pathway to sustainable growth and development, offering a brighter future for generations to come.
He emphasized the urgent requirement for cooperative initiatives and greater financial support for renewable energy in Abia State.
He is dedicated to advancing renewable energy projects for the benefit of the communities in Umunna.