• Tasks govt against disregarding prophecies

By Olakunle Olafioye 


Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church has issued a series of prophecies he said would affect Nigerians and the government terribly, warning: “I can see hardship worsening in three folds.”

Then he added: “Anyone who disregards my prophecies is doing so at their own peril,” regretting that the wrong attitude of the government and Nigerians to prophecies will continue to rob the nation of the benefits of godly counsels.

The seer who made these known in an exclusive chat with Sunday Sun lamented that in spite of the fulfillment of his numerous prophecies, the government had continued to turn deaf ears to godly counsels by resorting to name calling.

“In spite of the fulfillment of my prophecies, people still call me names and dub me political prophet. Their name calling does not bother me. And it will not stop me from declaring the counsels of God as given to me.

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 “Before Idris, the Chadian president came to power, I foretold that he would transform from military to civilian. Before Faye became the President of Senegal, I warned Macky Sall that the moment he left Ousmane Sonko and Faye, he would be in trouble but people labeled us fake. Likewise, I am warning the Gambia President now that if he takes a wrong step he will lose the election. I warned the current Mozambique president that he would not be allowed to run for third term. Daniel Chapo has been picked. I said this before but they still dubbed me fake,” he said.

Speaking on the challenges confronting Nigeria, Primate Ayodele identified three major areas the government needed to pay attention to, saying: “There are three things Nigeria should note. The government made a lot of mistake on the issue of stamp duty and VAT, which I warned them about last year.

“Anyone who disregards my prophecies is doing so at their own peril. Nigeria is going into deeper recession in the next six months if the government fails to correct its major mistakes. This will cripple the economy and both the rich and the poor will be affected.

“The banking sector is going to face a serious challenge which will consume two major banks. The government will not cease to borrow money. The POS charges will still go up. I can see the hardship worsening in three folds. If the government does not take precautions physically and spiritually; one of the precautions is that the government should go into mechanised farming. Also the government must ensure we refine our petroleum products locally.

“In the telecommunication industry, Globacom is going to face a major challenge that could lead to its being eased out in this country. The government will come up with an indigenous telecom company. MTN’s name will be changed. New telecom companies will trouble the existing ones. Mobile telephone tariff will still go up. The government is coming up with a regulatory frame work that will limit Nigerians access and use of social media. 

“Tinubu will face serious challenges from the North because the North will be sharply divided against him ahead of 2027. Tinubu and Shettima will fight.

“The military needs to re-strategise to combat insecurity because Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS are coming together as a strong terrorist group to invade Nigeria. The nation’s security architecture should brace up. The nation’s borders should be properly monitored,” the Man of God added. .