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NORDICA Fertility Boss, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi at his Ikoyi office last week presented awards to five lucky couples to undergo free IVF treatment in his clinic. Fertility Treatment Support Foundation in collaboration with ace comedian Ali Baba in a January 1st concert decided to put smiles on faces of couples trusting God to have their own children.
“It could be an annual ceremony but this is the first time this is happening and we are presenting awards to the winners today”. Thereafter, he talked about his favourites.

Favourite TV programme
Ali Baba show where we offered free IVF treatment. Hopefully, it will be annual. This is
the first time this is happening.
Favorite colour
Blue. I think it’s masculine. Actually, it’s between blue and pink. The combination of
blue and pink is my favourite.
Favourite car
Lexus. It’s functional, very reliable and easy to use.
Favourite holiday spot
I don’t have any. I like going to different places. There’s something unique about anywhere you go to. The best way to learn about people is to visit them. So, I like going to different places, I really don’t have a favourite.
Favourite weather
Summer, if it’s abroad, but in Nigeria, I like the dry season. I don’t like harmattan. I was asthmatic as a child but I outgrew it. I can’t stand harmattan at all. But I like the normal weather before December.
Favourite book
Bible. It’s the fountain of everything. It addresses almost everything.
Favourite quote
People will forget what you do to them, what you say to them but they will never forget how you make them feel– Maya Angelou
Favourite pet
My dogs but I don’t have their time anymore. Other people are helping me look after them.
Favourite leader?
Obafemi Awolowo. He is my favourite, because he’s somebody I could relate with. You have to be careful about somebody you really don’t know. Maybe Obama is another person but I don’t know Obama that much. Obama is also wonderful but Obafemi Awolowo led himself before leading other
people and that is what is lacking in most leaders who call themselves leaders now. They can’t even lead themselves and they pretendto be leading other people. Self-discipline is so important in leading other people. That’s probably why I chose Obama over Clinton
Favourite fashion accessories
My wrist watches, I like glasses; I wish I could use sunglasses. I like everything that is beautiful.