• Bullion vans missed way into ex-Lagos gov’s house, Says aide 

By Chukwuma Umeorah  

Former Director in the Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) of the ruling All Progressives Congress, (APC), Hajia Naja’atu Mohammed, yesterday, said she left the party because its presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu lacked the capacity to lead the nation and that his ambition was solely driven by selfish interests. 

Najatu made this assertion in an interview on national television monitored in Lagos yesterday.

“Everything about Tinubu is about himself; he wants to hold the knives that would cut the pie, he is not concerned about the country, it is about him, his ego, corruption, material and psychological control of the people of this country particularly those from the South West. I have heard him say when he sleeps, the South West sleeps and when he wakes up, the South West wakes up,” she said. 

She likened Tinubu’s leadership pattern to an Emperor style of leadership, noting that such mentality was not what the country deserved as it is currently faced with many challenges. 

Najatu who disclosed that she initially relented in accepting her former role in the APC-PCC maintained that she resolved to leave the party despite pleas by several party chieftains because Tinubu lacked any plan for leading the nation or addressing its many problems. 

“Nigerians have been suffering and they are going to continue to suffer. Nigerians should be focused. We have a very serious problem. Nigeria is on the brink especially in the area of security. So, you cannot take somebody that is senile and another person that has been associated with funding terrorism in the person of Kassim Shettima (APC vice-presidential candidate) in whose house one of Nigeria’s most wanted terrorist was arrested,” she said. 

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On the issue of Tinubu’s illhealth and if she had proof to back her claims, Najatu said there was no need for a proof for something obvious. 

“Everybody saw what happened when Tinubu was given the flag in one of his campaign trains. The party chairman had to help him to hold the flag. Everybody saw it, cameras do not lie. However, what bothers me the most is not his physical health, but when you are mentally deranged, it is unacceptable because you cannot decipher, you can’t think, you go to sleep any time.” 

She, however, explained that she jettisoned the idea of joining Labour Party  because they had a structural problem.  

Meanwhile, organizing secretary of the APC in Lagos State, Ayodele Adewale, has claimed that the bullion vans spotted in 2019 entering the house of the presidential candidate of the party, Bola Tinubu missed their destination. 

Adewale  in a television interveiw yesterday said the vans spotted entering Tinubu’s house in February 2019, a day before the presidential election, had arrived there by mistake. 

“There was no money in the bullion vans. They even missed their address to have come there, they were not invited by Tinubu or anybody. It was not on election day,” he said. 

However, the statement counters Tinubu’s response on the issue in 2019, where he confirmed that the vans came to him at his request.