I have always had a fascination with power bikes even though I don’t have one. I see it’s a Harley-Davidson FXDR, that will certainly have cost him an arm and a leg. Why on earth will Dennis be riding in the middle of the day? It was an unusual sight.

“Wow, this is lovely Dennis,” Jasmine said gushing all over the bike “And I must say you are looking dashing this afternoon,” Jasmine continued, flirting with Dennis. “So where are you ladies off to? I just got delivery of this baby and thought it a good idea to take my Lady for a spin,” he said leaning forward to kiss the bike with affection and pride while giving me a sensual look. He was like a little boy with a new toy. “Actually we are going shopping!” Jasmine said in excitement. Jasmine and Dennis both decided it was best to leave the ride until later in the day after our shopping. He was to pick me by 8.00pm I looked on in amazement as they made the arrangement.

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“Alright Counsel see you for 8.00pm,” he saluted as he zoomed off. “Really Jaz? Was that necessary?” I asked heatedly.

“Calm down sweet, no need to get worked up. You will enjoy the ride, remember you are talking to me not some random stranger and I happen to know your passion for power bikes. I saw your face light up as soon as you saw the bike,” she said laughing and giving me the knowing look. Shopping as usual was fun but tedious with Jasmine. I want you looking show stopping, drop dead gorgeous girl! I know that usurping, meddling, conniving b**ch will be present,” Jasmine said darkly. “Sotonye! Her name is Sotonye, she has a name you know?” I said with a smile. Jasmine always has a way of making me feel good. My dress? Wow, wait for it; a custom made sexy red deep v-neck floor length sequins evening Gown. Mermaid crystals tassels prom dress with an adorable bow on the waste in front. When I tried it at the boutique even I had to gasp at the sheer beauty of the gown, it fitted like a glove! A little snug around the hip but then what is that popular saying again? Flaunt it if you’ve got it! Jasmine got a custom made elegant halter mermaid prom dress, crystal red long evening gown, crisscrossed at the back. She looked really hot in it.

We were thrilled with our purchases. Don’t ask me how much, it was my day to indulge and I did to the fullest, that’s all you need to know (laughing). I am sure you’re wondering why red, right? Well it turned out that Rick’s Grandmother will be having a themes Ball, not an ordinary one but a masked ball! Jasmine had called Rick while we were in the store to find out if there was a dress code.

The old Lady is a young soul! Ball? Masks? It was going to be a fiery evening, no doubt. I was excited and actually looking forward to the ball later in the week. I had just picked my black leather jacket and let down the long tresses I had on when I heard the distinct sound of the power bike. Adrenaline shot through my veins in anticipation as I sighted the beauty. I smoothened down my crop top and patch jean feeling nervous for some reason as my heart fluttered erratically. Dennis was get-up in a leather gear and looked every inch a rock star.

He handed me my protective helmet and we were on the go. Riding all the way to Epe and back to Festac was one of my most adventurous rides to date. Exhilarating, thrilling, intoxicating, breath-taking, mind blowing, freedom, it felt like I had not a single care in the world. Those are just a few adjectives to describe my feelings that night. Dennis was sweet, setting himself out to be the perfect host. The thing is it got me worried after a while and I was darn right! Dennis decided we should have a late night snack on our way back and did a detour to Ikeja, which I was totally not cool with but he just ignored me and he didn’t say much.

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