By Damilola Fatunmise

Pretty actress cum producer, Olubukola Kiitan recently posted on social media the picture of herself and fiance’s hand, showing that she’s engaged.


Then, not long after, the rumour mill was agog that the relationship has collapsed, with allegations and counter allegations flying around.

In this rare interview, Kiitan, who has featured in over 50 English and Yoruba movies, shed more lights on what went down. Please enjoy it.

Can you take us back to your childhood days?

I was born into a polygamous home. I was the first child of my mother. I was born in Ado Ekiti, and I attended Union Baptist Nursery and Primary School. Later, I proceeded to Christ Girls School, Ado Ekiti. But I concluded my education in South Africa.

How many movies have you featured in and how many have you produced?

I have lost count of movies that I have featured in, both English and Yoruba. I have produced four movies including Ola (Tomorrow); Right Time, Iwalade, and Iku Ile.

Your movie, Ola is a very rich story. How were you able to come up with such a fantastic storyline?

I got the story from my director, Sharafadeen Olabode, and I really loved it. I told him what I would also like to add and remove, which was done, and it came out a very brilliant job. 

After Ola, what are you working on?

Slow and steady wins the race. Something better than Ola is coming. We are working tirelessly, and trust me it will blow everybody’s mind.

It was reported that you were engaged and later we got to know the engagement was dissolved due to some family and spiritual reasons. Can you please shed some lights on this?

The story out there is mere rumour. All I can say is that, the relationship was not working, so I walked away. My peace of mind matters always.

How were you able to snap out of the trauma that followed?

I already knew I would leave the relationship. It was not sudden to me, so no trauma, just peace of mind.

Any regret so far?

Not at all… I believe God has the best for me, so I won’t rush myself and end up regretting.

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Can you fight a fellow woman to protect your man?

That’s the last thing I will ever do. I can never stoop that low in my life.

How best do you relax?

I like to leave the country to relax because I always work in Nigeria. Even if I try to relax (in Nigeria), another thing will come up that will get me busy.

Aside movie making, what else do you do for a living?

I have a store where I sell and supply all kinds of liquor. 

Are you open to another relationship or you are chilling for now? 

Honestly, it’s my career for now. I believe God knows best. All things will still fall in pleasant places for me. 

Can you give account of your best moments in recent time? 

A lot that I can’t say for now but very soon it will be obvious to everyone.

As a public figure, what is that thing you think fame has stolen from you?

My privacy! Seriously, I really wish I could still have me, but how people tell my story more than me since I became a screen diva baffles me.

Can you tell us the most embarrassing moment of your life? 

I always expect the unexpected, so most time things don’t get to me or make me feel embarrassed.

What’s your wish from this new government?

They should please work on insecurity, because when we are at peace, every other thing will follow.

Can you be a baby mama for peace’s sake or you prefer to be married to a man who doesn’t take your sanity as his priority?

Well, if it were for baby mama, I would have done that since. I waited till this time because I wanted to have my own home, my own man. But God knows best.

What’s your advice for those who look up to you as their role model?

Be real to yourself, be contented and be prayerful. Also, use one mind, wish others well and stay focused, and never let what others say bring you down.