For singer and content creator, Adebisi Emmanuel Adetayo, otherwise known as Bisimanuel emerging one of Nigeria’s music sensation in less than three years that he became a known brand couldn’t have happened without what he described as ‘special calling’ over his career.

From making cover to songs to creating short Instagram music videos and a growing fan base, Bisimanuel believes his time has come to make a mark in the music industry and take his music to enviable heights.

In an interactive session on Monday, the emerging star said nothing seems strong to change God’s plans for his life, adding that he has covered a lot of miles in a short time.

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While he understands the pressure that comes with being famous and the urge to keep delivering top-notch music to his numerous fans, Bisimanuel hinted that with God on his side, he would continue to give the best of his craft to his fans within and beyond the shores of Africa.

“I feel no pressure at all even though sometimes I ask myself how I always manage to put myself into all the commitments I have but then I am reminded that God’s special grace has carried me for years and will not leave me at this point.”

On how he discovered his passion for music, he says “I discovered early that people love the way I sound and my creativity with music. I just want to express what I think about different spheres of life via this mode. In the early days of creating content, I was inspired by those who did this before me. Someone like EmmaohmyGod and every vocal creative people online helped me a lot.”