Layole Oyatogun started out as a broadcaster. She is from a family of broadcasters. Her father, Walter Oyatogun, was an astute broadcaster.

Her two sisters, (Moyo Oyatogun and Mofe Oyatogun) are also broadcasters. She has moved onto acting, movie production and is also a compere at events. Layole is working towards producing her first movie this year. At the recent Black Opals in Events Lagos, Layole spoke with Sunday Sun about her firsts.

First day on television

I was really nervous. I co-presented the show with my sister, Mofe Oyatogun. The programmes was Star Dust on MITV. That was where I started my broadcasting career. It was a large show, so you make all your mistakes, errors, but people were very receptive. They warmed up to us, they asked for more and that was how it actually started for me.

First day as an actress

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It was very amazing. It was with Genevieve Nnaji, so you can imagine. It was such a huge opportunity and it went so well. The name of the movie was 30 Days. It was a movie produced by Melfred Okoh and Ego Boyo. I went for the audition and a lot of big actors and actresses were there. They flew in their cinematographer from America, and the characterization, the production, the sound were all great.

First day on location

As a TV presenter, I was already used to cameras and lightings, my first day on location went well. It was nice, interesting, and I was able to fit in properly and easily. People were nice, receptive, and very warm. Everyone was ready to tell me how they do it. I loved the total experience and decided that I would do more of it.

First time of hosting a gig?

The first event I hosted was Nigeria’s Next Super Model. When the founder told me I was going to host the show, ‘I said oh my God!’ I knew I talk a lot but how on earth was I going to face so many people? When I stepped on the stage, I really had cold feet. You know Nigerians are not very easy to please with jokes. In their heart, they were probably saying, ‘You look beautiful, your dress is fine, your hair is nice, and your makeup is on point, so what more do you have for us?’  I just said to myself, ‘Layole just be yourself, be natural.’ And it was really fulfilling. I was actually talking and people were laughing. I was talking and people were listening, that showed that I was connecting with them. After the show so many people walked up to me and said that I did an amazing job. I got so many referrals from the very first one. Since then I have hosted a lot of events. The first was nerve-wracking but at the end of the day it opened doors for so many other events.