Stand-out Ghanaian comedian, Asamoah Michael, professionally known as Kcreietin, has revealed the immense influence American movie actor, Tyler Perry, has on his career.

Asamoah Michael is arguably one of the best and most successful comedians in Ghana. Born and raised in Adeiso, Eastern Region of the country, his natural habitat is in the arts, having obtained a Bachelor of Arts and an HND (Higher National Diploma) in commercial arts, reflecting his solid academic background in the visual arts. The entertainer is the second of three children, and with much exposure, he developed love for arts from childhood, which later evolved into passion for comedy.

Without having to be drawn into identity crisis in his content, Asamoah Michael was fascinated by the everyday behaviour of women, and that has formed a bond with his millions of fans and followers across the globe. However, diving into such uncommon character among most content creators, he referenced how Perry seamlessly adapted into various characters in his popular movie, ‘Madea’, as an idea that has challenges him to evolve.

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“In the industry, I look up to several role models who inspire me.  I like Tyler perry’s work especially his dress wearing movies like Madea. How he fits into character is apt. I aspire to grow and evolve, learning from those who have succeeded before me while carving out my own unique path”, said Asamoah Michael

With the constant changes in the demand and behaviour of consumers of comedy products online, content creation has grown from what is done indoors to outdoor projects. Like movie producers, skit makers too now go on sets and locations, spending mind-blowing amounts to create contents with modern equipment. Asamoah Michael described the development as one of the challenges of the profession, which though he said is “adaptable”.

“The lows in my journey have shaped my resilience and creativity. The lows are normally related to funding my contents, it is mostly expensive to generate these contents and at the same time the content is free to view. But this setback is adaptable”, the comic act stated.

He and his family were not originally on the same page after he started out as a skit maker. But his passion for what he does has forced them to concede, in the bid to convince him otherwise. Today, his successes have brought pride to them.

“My background played a significant role in my career choice. The strict parenting style of my mother was a turn off but I knew my goals so I endured. However, while my family’s initial reaction was not encouraging, their support grew as they saw my passion and the positive impact of my work. They now brag about me. This support has been a cornerstone of my success, providing me with the encouragement needed to pursue my creative dreams,” Kcreietin pointed out.

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