Yoruba actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday better known as Omoge Lekki, has a knack for interpreting roles and of course for controversies.

Only last week, she got into a messy fight with another actress, Juliet Ibrahim, after getting a hurtful slap from comedian Arole during a movie shoot.

When Inside Nollywood approached Ms Blessing for comments, she’d rather not talk about the verbal attack having apologised to Juliet Ibrahim for the embarrassment caused her. But then, she opened up on the kind of men that she would never marry.

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Hear her: “I would never marry a man who doesn’t trust me, because trust supersedes love. I also don’t want to be associated with a short man. I can’t marry any of such men. If you are short, then you’re not my type.”

When further probed about the kind of man that tickles her fantasy, she said: “I’ll go for a tall, dark and handsome guy with correct body build. My kind of man doesn’t have to be so rich, money is not love.”