Talented, passionate and well-endowed Nollywood diva, Ene Miltex is single and unattached. But then, the Benue State-born actress, who has starred in over 50 movies and won several awards, is not expecting too much from a man, than for him to love her with all his heart.

“For a start, I can’t date a man that doesn’t love God. Also, I can’t date a man that talks anyhow and has no regards for women. But for a sincere man that wants to love Ene Miltex, he must be kind and honest. He must love God and be able to take very good care of me,” she hints.

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Recalling the craziest thing a fan has ever done to her, the leggy diva narrated how a total stranger slapped her at a car park. “I love and appreciate my fans a lot, they are very important to me in this journey. I’ve had so many funny experiences with some of my fans. One day, I went to the bank with my elder sister in Abuja and decided to wait for her in the car. Suddenly, someone gave me a hot slap on the back. My goodness, it was so painful. When I turned over, I was shocked to see a lady standing and smiling. She says, ‘is this you, na lie, na lie’. What! I was speechless, tears started rolling down my eyes. I felt so weak I couldn’t say a word. It was a pastor, who sat with me in the car that said, ‘ha madam, all this slap because you like her?’ Then, the lady says, ‘sorry please, I was too excited. I just love you. I will tell my husband and children that I saw you. Please take care’. And she walked excitedly to her car and drove off. My dear, this whole fan thing is sweet but sometimes it can be crazy.”