From Okwe Obi, Abuja
Shamies Unusual Hearts Foundation has distributed foodstuffs to 1000 residents
New Nyanya community in Nasarawa State, to cushion hunger and to mark the birthday of its founder’s children.
Speaking to journalists during the event, Founder/Executive Director of the Foundation, Ambassador Sara Abdul, emphasized the need for government intervention.
She said: “Nigerians are suffering a lot, so coming here today makes it even more clear to me that people are really going through a lot of hardship.
I am glad and thankful to God that I am here today to do what I can, in my own little way, to cushion the hardship that people are going through.”
While expressing her understanding of the hardships faced by Nigerians, she called on the government at all levels to do whatever they can to cushion this hardship because Nigerians are really suffering.
Abdul said: “I plead with the government to try and do whatever they can to help the poor masses. Nigerians are really suffering. The cost of food is rising every day. In fact, literally everything is rising, and it’s so difficult for normal salary earners in Nigeria to feed their families.
“I feel really heartbroken for a lot of Nigerians. Whatever the government can do to help the situation, they should please do so.”
In his remarks, President of BTC Bars Group, Ebenezer Akarah, highlighted the importance of collective responsibility in tackling societal challenges.
He said: “Help does not only come from the government but also from individuals, business owners, and non-governmental organizations.
“If we re all looking for help, it’s not only going to come from the government. We, as people, we as businesses, should be able to do our own little token to help the masses and help the government.
“With what we are doing here today, it’s just our little way of helping the vulnerable people and the government. We’ll keep doing this as long as God keeps blessing us. We pray God keeps strengthening us to do more and more of this.”
In response to the pressing circumstances affecting many Nigerians, Hassana Abdul and Shawn Kefas, the celebrants, at the event, emphasized their commitment to providing aid and encouraged others to do the same.
“Growing up, we witnessed our parents extend help to the needy, and this year, we decided to feed 1,000 households. Given the current situation in the country, it is crucial to assist those in need rather than indulge in lavish spending,” they explained.