To keep people motivated despite the challenging times, Nigeria -Canadian base Journalist, Brand Influencer, PR and Media Strategist, and Founder of Women of Rubies, Esther Ijewere has authored a book, ” How To Make Affirmation Work For You”.

The book focuses on helping people disrupt negative thinking habits and build a new route in their brains for positive thoughts.

However, this book is about positive affirmations. “I wrote the book, because, at a certain point in life, one can experience things that can make you discouraged.” She continued: “At some point, people can have a serious health challenge, but they can make positive affirmations like they are not sick and position their brains to have a sound mind.

I wrote the book because I now understand that you don’t accept what life throws at you.”

“You have the opportunity to respond in a way, which can leverage experiences to impact lives. The book was written to encourage everybody.”

She added that the book is about the power of the tongue, by making positive declarations on issues so God can transform it.

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Ijewere’s book is a testament that is useful to anyone who uses tips and guidelines from the book, to navigate through life. It also encouraged those passing through difficult times not to relent but keep using positive affirmations to achieve set goals.

She added that positive thoughts and patterns appear, and your good thoughts affect your actions. It could help you learn new skills, succeed at work, or improve relationships. This book will get you inspired by tapping into that awesome feeling of empowerment and self-belief that affirmations can create. And you start projecting the energy to the world, and the confidence to yourself, that you are ready to achieve these goals. It also helps your self-esteem to naturally boost. It helps to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. They harness the mind’s power by directing your intentions toward your best self and your happiest.

As a respected writer and columnist, in Guardian Newspaper, Esther Ijewere is familiar to those advocating girl-child and women empowerment.

“The multi-award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, activist, and brand Influencer is passionate about advocacy and counseling on issues centered around women, family values, and mental and emotional well-being, as well as sharing inspiring stories.

Moreso, as the founder of Rubies Ink Initiative for Women and Children, an umbrella organization that covers several women and girl child-related projects including Walk Against Rape, Women of Rubies, Project Capable, and the College Acquaintance Rape Education outreach program, she has spotlighted over one thousand women through her newspaper column and blog. Esther is also the host of #GettalkingwithEsther, an online talk show anchored by Esther aimed at helping people find their voice and communicate their thoughts through words and promote positivity on social media. She is a mother of two amazing girls and a mentor to several young women across the globe.