From Scholastica Hir, Makurdi and Lucky Ighomuaye, Benin

In the past few weeks, there has been renewed kidnapping of school children in some states in the Northern part of the country. In the past two weeks, for instance, hundreds of innocent schoolchildren and others have been kidnapped, with their abductors demanding trillions of naira for their release.

What should government do to get these innocent victims liberated from the terrorists? Some Nigerians, in this report, proffered solutions on how to halt the menace.

Every school should have perimeter fence – Dr Joseph Jande, Board Secretary,  Benue State Universal Basic Education Board

Kidnapping of school children across the country is a worrisome issue. The parents have given their children to the school hoping that they are safe. So the best thing is to strengthen the security architecture of all schools.

Every school must be conscious of its surroundings. Schools should be fenced and efforts should be made to always check all those who interact with the school community. These guys come and disguise as normal visitors and not as kidnappers. So if these stringent measures are taken to avoid these people having access to the school, to a large extent, kidnapping of school children can be curtailed.

Schools should be provided adequate monitoring device – Emmanuel Egbodo, educationist, Makurdi

Kidnapping of school children across the country, which is seen as a lucrative means of making money by the perpetrators, has already damaged the future of our nation. I am of the opinion that schools and homes should provide adequate security and monitoring strategies for school children at home, schools and in the neighbourhood to guide against bad companies and exposure to security risks.

Our local security, especially at the community level, should be reinforced with appropriate disciplinary measures to fight against anti-nation development.

There should be appropriate legislation that could keep youths busy and away from such evil practices. Religious organisations and practices should be tailored towards preaching against such misconduct to save the children and our nation.

Security personnel should be sent to schools – Mrs Rachael Imbwaseh, lecturer and school proprietor, Makurdi

I think that all security agencies in the country as well as vigilante groups should sit up.

The government at all levels should encourage them to carry out their responsibilities, and vigilante groups should be set up and sent to every nook and cranny of the states.

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Security personnel should also be sent to schools for security and they should all be vigilant.

For now, no incidents in Benue but we all need to take precautionary measures to ensure it doesn’t happen. School managements should provide a fence where there is none and even where they have, they should have security personnel to keep watch and report all suspicious persons and movements around the schools and communities.

Government should use technology to combat crime – Bevy Efe, activist, Benin

The rate at which kidnapping for ransom has bounced back, especially in the northern part of the country, is alarming. I think the federal and the state governments need to wake up to their responsibility of protecting lives and property of their citizens.

I believe the best way to go about all this ugly incident is to strengthen the local vigilante to complement other existing security agencies because the local vigilante are closer to the people. Besides, they know the terrain better than other security agencies.

My other suggestion is that, the world is evolving and Nigeria as a country must also join in this trend. What I mean is that, the Nigeria government should upgrade to the contemporary policing using technology to combat crime and criminality in the country especially, the act of terrorism and banditry.

Lastly for me, the government should encourage state policing because this can help fight crime to the barest minimum.

Govt should revisit safe schools initiative of 2014 – Bishop Akhalamhe, educationist, author Benin

It is very sad that the future of our children is no longer guaranteed. Children without education can be vulnerable. So many of our children now stay out of schools to avoid being kidnapped and this not safe for the future of our country.

To avert this situation, the government needs to revisit the safe schools initiative launched in 2014 in response to the abduction of Chibok girls. The state and Federal Governments should synergise efforts in response to banditry, especially in the northern part of Nigeria and this includes the use of local vigilante and community leaders. This approach should be sustained unabated.

Govt should intensify technologically enhanced surveillance, deepened intelligence  gathering – Israel Adebiyi, journalist, Benin

The immediate solution to the spate of attacks on schools and abduction of school children will be to intensify technologically enhanced surveillance and deepened intelligence gathering.

For a long term solution, the government will have to properly diagnose the menace ensuring that there are consequences for those culpable, from the perpetrators to traditional and religious leaders.