To this day, ten years later, Pastor Adeboye has not responded to my article that God told me He did not create men to be monogamous

Sina Adedipe

Since this is the last time I am writing on polygamy in this column after doing so on four occasions in the last ten years due to popular demand, it is necessary to let everyone know what made me to start treating the issue on November 26, 2008, a decade ago on Monday next week. Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), got me doing so with the comment he made in the Sunday Vanguard of November 9, 2008 on the issue.

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Responding to a question from the newspaper reporter, Sam Eyoboka, if it was proper for a Christian to be polygamous, the RCCG pontiff (chief priest) said the Ancient of Days created only Eve as wife for Adam because He wanted a man to be monogamous. And that anyone who did not believe him should go and ask the Lord.

Given the fact that Pastor Adeboye is a globally famous and revered prelate and one who in 2008 had been a minister of God for 41 years, I was taken aback by his comment. This is because, for me, if the Supreme Being created one wife for Adam because He wanted a man to marry one spouse, He would have had a law prohibiting polygamy in the Bible.

He would also have condemned it and punished people for engaging in it. While Jesus Christ too would have preached against it during the Sermon on the Mount when on marriage He spoke only on adultery and divorce.

I am always amazed that these facts do not count with those who say monogamy made God create one wife for Adam. And that it was what He was instituting with His statement in Genesis 2:24 when He said: That is why a man shall leave his parents and cleave to his wife and they shall become one.

Contrary to Pastor Adeboye’s 2008 proposition, I did not have to ask the Lord if He was instituting monogamy by creating only Eve as wife for Adam because five years earlier, in 2003, I had raised the issue of multiple – marriage with Him. What He told me made me write a 3 – part article titled: The Church, not God is against polygamy published in the Daily Sun of Tuesday, September 23 through Thursday 25th then edited by Femi Adesina who is now President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity.

Since God and Jesus did not speak against polygamy in the Bible, what came to my mind was that the Heavenly Father probably made Pastor Adeboye to make his statement because it was time He wanted people to know through me His position on monogamy and multiple – marriage. This was because He once told me He discusses and explains issues in the Christian Holy Book with only a few people. Of course, this gift is different from Him endowing someone with the ability to see vision and foretell the future.

This is why for more than a century, one hundred years, pastors in the country and elsewhere in the world, were preaching that the Ancient of Days was instituting monogamy with His statement in Genesis 2:24. It was only in 2012 or 2013 when I wrote about it after He told me, that people came to know He was putting in place the seven-year service condition a man had to go through with a prospective father – in – law to marry his daughter. This is revealed in the story of how Jacob married Leah and Rachel in Genesis 29:1 – 35.

I took up the General Overseer of RCCG on his statement in the Sunday Vanguard of November 9 in my column of November 26 and December 3, 2008. The piece was captioned: Pastor Adeboye, how can God who in Exodus 21:10 and Deuteronomy 21:15 – 17 gave laws to guide men with two wives be against polygamy?

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To this day, ten years later, Pastor Adeboye has not responded to my article that God told me He did not create men to be monogamous and that He is not against multiple-marriage. Neither has he preached against polygamy in the Sunday Vanguard or any of the one newspaper I buy each day of the week. The Nation on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, the Daily Sun on Wednesday and Saturday and the Tribune on Friday or any other newspaper I buy that day since Chief Ebenezer Babatope stopped his column.

I have also not seen Pastor Adeboye or any RCCG cleric preach about polygamy on their DOVE Television whenever I switched on to the station. Or during their church’s Holy Ghost services I was opportune to listen to on radio or watched on television in the last 10 years.


To be continued next week


Phenomenal matriarch of the Adedipes, Falaes, Ade–Ojos & others (26) – the pharmacists & engineers

As with medicine (18) and law (16), I don’t think the descendants of any matriarch or patriarch in Akure has up to five pharmacists and three engineers as the offspring of our matriarch. These do not include her descendants in Iju and Ilara Mokin as it was not easy for me to obtain information on them.

The first of the pharmacists in the family is Mr. Ayodele Adedipe, the owner of Fountain Pharmaceutical Company and the Deputy President of the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Society from 1982 – 85 who went to glory 22 days ago, Wednesday, October 31 at the age of 84, three months and one week.

He was followed by Mr. Olakunle Ekundayo, the founder of Drugfield Pharmaceuticals Limited, one of the leading six drug manufacturing companies in the country. The other three are his sons Oladapo and Olabode Ekundayo and his sister’s son Omololu Fatukasi.

The engineers are Bankole Adedipe who works in the United States, Adeleke Adedipe, a retired Director of Shell Nigeria Plc and Oyindamola Adedipe, a graduate of electrical and electronic engineering. He is the son of Mr. Adekunle Adedipe, the only Akure – born Quantity Surveyor so far honoured with the Fellowship of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (FNIQS).

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Next week: The accountant and geologist descendants