Today, she is an accomplished actress and a happily married mother of three. However, once upon a time, she almost sacrificed her fledgling career for a ring on her finger, as her United Kingdom-based lover promised her marriage.

According to a source, “unknown to many, Mercy Johnson almost sacrificed her acting career because of marriage. It all happened at the early stage of her career when she was still a green horn and trying to make a way in the industry. Though she had acted in a couple of films, she had not evolved into the brand she is today.”

The source disclosed that so in love was Mercy she was ready to let go her dream. The source added that but for the intervention of Nollywood film veteran, Eddy Ugboma, Nigerians and, indeed, Nollywood may never have heard the name Mercy Johnson.

Said he: “It was obvious that she was head over heels in love. In fact, she had made up her mind, but because of the role Eddy Ugboma, who is like a father to her in the industry, played. When her London lover came to Nigeria to tidy up their wedding plans, the actress had taken him to see Ugboma at his home in Lagos.

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“Uncle Eddy Ugboma happily received him, but things went awry when her lover stated that he wanted Mercy to dump her dreams, as a condition for the marriage. Eddy Ugboma was livid! He was like, ‘how can you tell this talented young lady to dump her dreams just because you want to marry her? If you truly love her you will embrace her talent, marry her and support her.’

“That was too much to take and her lover had insisted and luckily the scales fell off Mercy’s eyes. Thank God for the intervention of Uncle Eddy Ugboma because had Mercy agreed, Nollywood would never have been blessed with her talent.”