The coach of Nigeria’s Rivers Hoopers, Ogor Oduadu has revealed how the team was able to pick the ticket despite the underdog tag, reports.

The Nigerian champions suffered a defeat to US Monastir in the final game but their victory against APR earlier on Saturday had earned them the much-coveted ticket.

“I’m very pleased with the team, you could tell that this is on teamwork, not individual basketball.

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“We got better every day, individual stepped up, we are really, we thought we almost had it in our previous game but we couldn’t wait for one more day to see if we were going to qualify or not.

“We needed it with this game and we did it”, he said.

Hoopers, FUS Rabat, Petro De Luanda, Cape Town Tigers, Al Ahly and Ahly Ly, and two others from the Sahara Conference for the playoffs which will tip-off in Kigali, Rwanda on May 24.