Wole Balogun, Ado-Ekiti

A couple in Ado-Ekiti, state capital of Ekiti State, Peter and Yemi in their early forties and late thirties respectively, recently landed in hospital after a bloody fight.

Both allegedly inflicted injuries on each other over what the wife described as failure of her husband to provide for feeding allowance, school fees and other marital responsibilities. The husband also accused the wife of abandoning the home for two months and returning to unleash violence on him.

The couple’s union of over 13 year produced three children. Yemi brought the alleged domestic violence to the attention of the wife of Ekiti State Governor, Erelu Bisi Fayemi. She claimed she was battered by her husband and urged Fayemi to assist her in filing for divorce.

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She claimed to have suffered different kinds of beating from her husband in the past, which led to her latest decision of filing a divorce to end the marriage.

She pleaded with Mrs. Fayemi to intervene in the matter. The woman was brought to the wife of the governor with a swollen face and blood stained eyes. She said:

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“My husband of 13 years has done this inhumane act to me. Trouble started when I demanded that he fulfilled his responsibility by providing for the upkeep of our children and pay for their school fees, but instead he beat the hell out of me as usual.

“This is the way he has been beating me whenever we have a little quarrel over these issues. Now I am fed up with his repeated violent act, which has again given me a swollen face, bloody nose and battered body. I am pleading with our governor’s wife to intervene in my plight and save me from this man. I want an end to this marriage.”

Reacting to his wife’s allegations in a telephone interview, Peter also claimed he was battered by his wife. He substantiated his claim by sending a photograph of his battered face, alleging that the root cause of the domestic imbroglio was his wife’s abandoning the home for two months:

“My wife is to be blamed for this tragic development. She had abandoned the home for two months and l didn’t know her whereabouts.

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She just returned to the house after two months’ absence from home and began to violently attack me. I was taking my bath when my wife sneaked in with a rod and hit me on my neck with the intention to kill him. This led me to push her and she hit her head on the wall where she sustained the injury.”

Mrs. Fayemi was yet to take any step as at press time. However, both parties have been hospitalised.