It is inspiring to see the world embracing young talents for their great achievements and accomplishments. Despite their young age, they are managing to create new levels of success that many would struggle to reach during their lifetime. These individuals are worth studying and analyzing to learn about their secret to their great success.


Relating to this topic, the best example for this matter is: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby , a young renowned dentist from Kuwait that possess many exceptional talents and abilities, in which he successfully leveraged with his hard work and passion, to break many limits and redefine success . This inevitably made him an admired star, that is an inspiration to millions through the extremely successful well-balanced lifestyle he is showcasing.


Beyond being a highly sought-after dentist, he successfully made a big name for himself in many endeavors and fields as per being also: a world class athlete, serial entrepreneur, author and a famous social media influencer to name a few.



The combination of a having a strong athletic background (as a renowned football freestyler) has certainly helped this young doctor develop an invincible mindset needed, to complement his exceptional talents to dominate every field he gets involved in. As he says in one of his interviews “Football freestyle has made me develop a mentality that is what is impossible today will be possible with hardwork , persistence and practice”




Freestyle football pioneer with world class achievements


Dr. Ali AlSaqoby athletic journey is an ongoing success as a football freestyler, for almost 20 years he has been raising Kuwait flag high. He was recognized as one of the best talents given the awards he is receiving as a world championship competitor, and also as a performer that travelled the world. As a world class athlete, he became highly demanded by brands and events organizer for his flawless shows that no one can simply pass by without being impressed.


One of his countless and prominent shows was at expo Millan in Italy, the show gathered thousands of people to his performance venue, in which shortly became a known spot for people not to miss. His performance was acknowledged by journalists as a hot topic, and the head of delegation awarded him as one of the most influential characters of the pavilion.



Kuwait freestyle football president that is revolutionizing the sport


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His unmatched achievements within the field had granted him the prestigious position of Kuwait football freestyle president. It goes without mentioning that with his vision and passion for the sport, he managed to take it to the next level.


Under his belt are many championships that were organized with the hope of rising the motivation of the youth and promoting the sport. As a sport veteran he also judge official championships, and successfully picked champions to represent Kuwait in renown championships such as Redbull Streetstyle that was held in United stated, Miami last year.


Soon he will be releasing a book about this sport and relating it to entrepreneurship that is the talks of many sources!


Current Leading dentist with tremendous talent


Even with his extremely busy lifestyle, having to perform tremendous tasks, Dr. Ali still manages to be a very successful dentist! His well-balanced lifestyle is worth admiring, and something seemingly present since Dr. Ali’s childhood.


As a youngster, he made time for football and his academic studies. The result?


He gained recognition both from his coaches and teachers. His high school grades were extra-ordinary that he managed to qualify for a fully government supported scholarship to study dentistry abroad.


Having this privilege, he chose one of the top universities in the UK, and got awarded as the second most talented dental student in the UK. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby then successfully obtained a Masters of dental surgery. But he was just getting started as he constantly and relentlessly improves himself as he travels the world, to keep up with the latest dental related technology and information.


This made Dr. Ali unintentionally stand out from many talented dentist that have many years of experience, thanks to his hardwork , passion and talent. Dr. Ali is now providing an unparalleled treatment for his patients and making over their flawless smiles, and also not hesitating to pass on his experience to newly graduate dentists as a caring mentor.


Social media had soon matched his fame he already amassed from the traditional media as an extra ordinary athlete and gifted dentist. Thanks also to his charming physical appearance and his constant sharing of his inspiring lifestyle and story to the world! He proved that nothing is impossible to countless people and fans by becoming an extra-ordinary multifaceted personality.