World Music guru, fashionista, content creator and radio master blaster, DJ Jimbo, who recently returned from the tour of Europe, has narrated to The Sun how he set the stage on fire wherever he performed.

According to the Effrakata Entertainment’s boss, the inaugural stop on his tour brought him to the enchanting city of love and style, Paris, France where he engaged in rendezvous with esteemed producers, legendary deejays and entertainment aficionados. 

He said: “I met with Zoblazo King, Meiway, a perfect host who shared his career of over 30 years. I also conversed with Eric Trousset, the guardian of Afrobeat maestro, Tony Allen’s legacy, alongside luminaries like Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas and Kwame Yeboah. These exchanges occurred at Comet Records, a hub pulsating with sonic dreams.

“I equally had discussions with Martin Messionner, producer and former manager to the late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, late Papa Wemba, King Sunny Ade, Salif Keita and Seun Kuti.

He shared his career experiences and useful tips with me over tea at Musician Café, Paris.”

Venturing beyond the cobblestone streets, DJ Jimbo had conversation with Roforofo Jazz bandleaders and joined forces with directors of French shows and festivals, fanning the flames of fruitful collaborations.

A sojourn through Paris wouldn’t be complete without encounters with artistry in its myriad forms. Amidst conversations with art curators, the iconic deejay intertwined his destiny with that of the international fashion designer from the DRC and Portugal, Velosostyle. 

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“We talked about my passion for Congolese music and the ‘Sapeur’ fashion style with an open mind for future collaborations on the international fashion and music scene,” he disclosed.

Departing Paris, DJ Jimbo’s musical odyssey flowed onwards to Amsterdam, Holland famed for its vibrant nightlife and effervescent social tapestry. There, he immersed himself in dialogue with prominent promoters, lounge proprietors and pioneering producers, including top sculptor, Nelson Carrilho, who boasts of numerous landmark pieces all over Europe,

Netherland-based Baggy Productions, run by Nigerian-born Ego Victor Emechete and which has been teaching Art of African Drums and Drumming in schools, also etched its notes of harmony onto the canvas of Jimbo’s journey. 

However, a major highlight of the tour was DJ Jimbo casting his spell over the exalted Remembrandt Square as guest deejay, followed by the immersion into the pulsating heartbeat of the Kwaku Festival, a captivating rendezvous of Black Arts, Fashion and Music held yearly in Amsterdam.

With each enthralling connection, DJ Jimbo unfurls his kaleidoscope of skills, fusing cultures and weaving genres, leaving indelible impressions on even the most discerning ears.

“In this unfolding saga, I beckon you to join my enchanting melody as you follow me @thedj_jimbo and @effrakataentertainment for the symphony that knows no bounds,” the disc jokey concluded.