Since its inception, tech turned marketing company, HighKey Enterprises LLC, has put a premium on building strong relationships. The brand’s current focus is on improving its online branding with the objective of providing full-service social and press management to clients and hosting celebrity giveaways. HighKey founders and brothers Jordan, Luke, and Jackson Lintz say their aim is to create personal brands that will last a lifetime. A critical aspect of this is to create a solid clout of followers, influencers, and personalities that will help boost the branding of HighKey’s clientele.

Today, HighKey has taken another step toward its future goal of owning a cryptocurrency coin, called HighKey Coin. HighKey is already an established top Creator Coin and is continuously looking for ways to grow on the platform.

HighKey Coin is one of many creator coins on BitClout, a newly launched open-source platform. BitClout aims to decentralize social media and creativity, allowing personalities, influencers, and brands to have full ownership of their content. Through BitClout, these influencers and even ordinary people can profit from their status through coins. Coins measure one’s popularity and put a number value on how well a user is perceived online.

For the Lintz brothers, this is an attractive concept perfectly aligned with HighKey’s goals.

“We are 100% certain that the concept of BitClout is the future,” says Jordan. “BitClout will be a place where entrepreneurs who heavily invest in themselves will inevitably become top creators because this will directly correlate with their popularity and clout on the platform.”

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Lintz says that while the platform itself may have things to improve upon, BitClout ultimately lays the groundwork for continued investment. He believes it will continue to attract other investors to do the same. The serial entrepreneur says the main feature he believes will allow BitClout to take over powerful platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is its ability to manage scale.

“The managing scale aspect will be critical when major creators and A-list celebrities start promoting this, and hundreds of thousands of people flood to the platform to sign up for accounts in the matter of a few hours,” says Luke.

Luke adds that another crucial milestone for the platform will be for it to be traded on a major cryptocurrency exchange, which he believes could happen within the following year. And in two to three years, the HighKey founder says he sees BitClout becoming the leading social media platform worldwide.

With this in mind, the Lintz brothers say they and their team are investing heavily in HighKey coin to grow its clout in the platform, encouraging their clients to do the same.

“We aren’t gambling with money that we can’t afford to lose. We are simply investing money into a concept we are very educated in with the potential of a 10,000x return.”

HighKey is also investing in the coins of other creators they are onboarding, and those they know will eventually come to the platform. This includes influencers and celebrities they’ve partnered with in the past on viral, social giveaway campaigns as well as other influential contacts. The Lintz brothers say they are also creating more value for the HighKey coin itself by continuously reinvesting in the brand and providing additional perks for the top investors who invest in their coin, too.