This higher philosophy here may sound as blasphemy and heresy to some people; however, every truth began as blasphemy even our Christian faith.

Prof. Nathan Uzorma Protus

“Dear Professor Protus, I am very grateful to God for what the oil I ordered from you did to my wife. She was on her way back from the village when a particular animal that looked like antelope attacked her and she fought with the animal and killed it, the following day she woke up in the midnight and started fighting with an invisible spirit that came to attack her, she alone saw the spirit. She carried physical object and started throwing them around my room. She was shouting “I will not go with you I am a child of God…” Sir, my wife fought for almost 45 minutes in the midnight; I was very much afraid. She wounded herself so much that I later took her to the hospital and got her treated. After three days the same thing happened and at the end, one part of her body became paralyzed and weak. It was a long story, but the aspect that gladdened my heart was when I contacted you and, having used your oil before, you instructed me to order another different type of the oil, which I did. When I used the oil on her for the prayer you instructed, as usual she became normal and started walking again. The evil spirit has never visited again and my wife is now fine and healthy…may God be with you sir.”

– Mr. Egwim Email [email protected]

“Good day sir, I wish to share this testimony with you. My elder brother was poisoned by his wife because he was a rich man and cared for all of us. The wife ran away after killing him and was nowhere to be found; the whole family became worried about her whereabouts together with the little children. Every effort was put in place to find her but it all proved abortive. My younger brother contacted you and you demanded that he should order 10 bottles of your oil, which we all did and consequently followed your instructions strictly. To the glory of God, she was forced by angels of God to come to us and confess. She came with the whole documents that she made away with and confessed. She is already with the police… God bless you richly sir.”

– Mr. Felix A. (contact withheld)

Therefore arise, great men and women of various Christian denominations for your emancipation from the swamp of illusion has come, arise and encourage happiness, arise and speak against divorce and separation by encouraging marriage by destiny. Arise and surrender to God once more and be in tune with Him to enable you discern marriage breakers, arise and join those who have been joined together by God, arise and give consent to the will of God by fulfilling the fulfilled mandate of divinity.

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Divine truth has no relationship or partnership with falsehood; unfortunately, the churchmen have created a lot of ignoble credo with utmost thoughtlessness which has hitherto bewildered their thinking. This propensity, which is the predilection for something material (earthly), has by law of homogeneity accelerated great predicament (like divorce) in the world of man. Obedience to the commandment of God is meant to give protection from divorce. Therefore, you are implored by this publication to pay strict attention to the will of God before being in a hurry to take the marriage vow “till death do us part.”

It is the will of God for the churchmen to enjoy their marriages. Now this article is a condensation to several circumstances, you are encouraged by the author to marry the married that is yours than marrying the unmarried that is not yours. This higher philosophy here may sound as blasphemy and heresy to some people; however, every truth began as blasphemy even our Christian faith. This publication is designed by God to set you free from the laws that have conditioned your mind for a long time. Laws that have not helped to advance the civilisation of human history, laws that made God to ask one of his servants thus, “O prophet, why forbiddest thou what God has made lawful to thee, seeking the good pleasures of thy wives? And God is all-forgiving, all-compassionate,” the laws that keep negating the joy, happiness and progress of our society today. Arise and cherish what God has made for you and enjoy the freedom hitherto given by Christ Jesus.

I have brought the message of the hour to my generation and I go my way knowing that I am the apple of God’s eyes. I have humbly written this to call a spade a spade. I am not an island of knowledge, but have humbly demonstrated via this article that the value of knowledge is the ability to communicate same to others. Men and women should not be angry over this publication but remember that the monkey that wants to see the face of the hunter must one day receive a gunshot. To this effect, I leave the battles and dust that this publication may generate in the hands of the Lord.

I humbly wish to leave you here as you are blessed having this book in your hand, let it speak for itself as you cherish it and give it to others who are of the same mind with you.

In my deeper research in life, I came to the recognition that wedding is not marriage as was captured in one of my books thus, “Wedding is not marriage, rather it is a traditional undertaking initiated by the Church that may not graduate to marriage proper.” The above assertion is drawn from the fact that so many couples who have wedded are yet to enjoy the honey, love, care, happiness, unity, etc, that follows from proper marriage. With what is going on in this era, divorce, separation and other evils that seem to destroy the marriage tie, one is tempted to ask if this is marriage or ‘madage’ and or ‘marage’. I strongly believe that it is madage and not marriage, this is because, today, the slogan is, “it is either I win her love and marry her or I die”, tomorrow, the next slogan will be “if she does not leave this house, I will kill her”. Is this love, marriage or madage? It is very wrong!

Marriage is a covenant, a union of a single man either bachelor/widower and a single woman, spinster/widow for life for the purpose of fulfilling God’s given WILL and mandate in life. The Bible says, “How should one chase a thousand and two put ten thousand of flight…” Deut. 32:30. Here the Bible is saying that the union of two destined partners will be able to chase ten thousand while the union of two parties that are not destined by God can never chase a thousand, this is because both are not yet married no matter how the Church or the society will understand it. Yes, marriage is more than exchanging wedding rings and nuptial vows on mundane altars. It is spiritual, mystical and metaphysical in its ultimate essence aimed at fulfilling the primordial objective of human existence.

Proper marriage is when two parties male and female destined by God come together under divine covenant to cohabit and remain one flesh for life. On the other hand, improper marriage is when the Church unites dog and lion, cat and dog, cat and mouse, the believer and unbeliever, incompatible partners, to be what they may call one flesh. Church, and churchmen, do you know that a marriage between a PhD holder and an illiterate, between a 60-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl (provided they are not destined by God) is an abomination before the Lord?

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