“Good day my able Prof, I wish to express my gratute to God for using your godly and inspired instructions and oil to do wonders in my life. I was very sick as a result of the loan I obtained from a juju high priest and it has continued to torment me without mercy.

My business was badly affected to the extent that I packed home with my entire family and started doing miniature jobs for survival. It took me about ten years as I also lost two of my kids along the line. The issue that surprised me was when I came back one day and saw a mighty snake in my room as I shouted for help, it jumped inside me; right from that day, one part of my body became paralyzed and I became very sick. Though, I have been reading your column in the Sun Newspaper and decided to seek for your help. After you sent me some bottles of your oil twice, miracles started unfoulding. I became healed and those evil manifestations ceased and I also received great favour that lunched me back into my business. I am doing very well now and the juju priest has seen hell to the glory of God. As you advised sir, I have complied by paying back the money I loaned from him…” Mr. Nwabisa E. Email [email protected]

“She worked her way into my life without my knowledge on how she made her way; all I discovered was that we wedded.” This was the confession of a young Christian convert of a well known Pentecostal church whose life was rendered useless, worthless and deplorably ruined by a woman he called his “wife”.

“I married this woman under the manipulation of my pastor” The young Christian convert further informed us when we had the chance to talk with him. He informed us that under the influence and control of his pastor, he married a particular sister who only succeeded in bringing ruin and matrimonial catastrophe and disasterinto his life. This young convert suffered the same censure that majority both in the past and present faced and are still facing and suffering. The woman under the sway of lust and mundane attraction “spiritually” lured this little boy into marriage with the aid of his earthly shepherd.

However, the young Christian convert never knew that the sister was an agent of darkness who nevertheless, was used by the mighty principalities and powers of the subjective world to bring his downfall. It came to pass that the marriage that produced two children under what I may call “I am bound, what I will do?” The young convert was not enjoying his life nor did he at any time cease praying to God to see if a change could be effected. But all his effort to see that change was realized proved abortive thus he was cast into trouble, emotional dissatisfaction, deplorable state of mind and above all, he was cast into a state of psychotic disorder, this however, was initiated by the powers of darkness working with his wife.

One day he invited his pastor who at first refused coming because of the duplicitous behavior of the woman. The pastor after being implored by the young convert decided to go alongside with him. On reaching the place, the woman was on the bed with another man-in the act of adultery. She was caught red handed, the brother confirmed that she has been doing such things, the pastor who initiated the marriage due to the “lustful love” he had on the sister was bamboozled at that, and urged the brother to prayerfully handle the issue.

This brother was getting more confused due to the increase in duplicity and unfavorable behaviours of the woman he called a wife. Every effort to change the woman failed. The state of emotional disequilibrium emanating from his evil wife brought the doubt of the reality of his faith. In fact, the behavior of his wife exposed him to odium and ridicule thus he took consolation from the Biblical saying, “Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden” as is evident in Matthew 11:28. The said Biblical verdict did not in full totality solve his problems because the worst that can happen to a man is for him to be emotionally destabilized.

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Great hypocrites of the Church, in their usual way of imploring their subjects to endure what they themselves cannot tolerate or endure will fail to free one who is in bondage of a devil-evil woman; they will further paint the evil woman as being same with others which is absolutely untrue.

Any woman who does not respect her husband in good fate is not a virtuous wife at all. There is an extent I may believe that every woman is the same as alluded from the beginning but not in all cases, because we all came from different character centers emanating from our different parents, social and cultural upbringing or background. I am not saying that every woman is a devil, No! but if you go astray either by lust, Church deception, leadership error, or any type of mistake to marry a woman that is destined for another or the one that is not destined to marry at all, who by virtue of lust or closeness to you develop that sympathy which you may mistake for love, you will have no peace or joy unless you divorce her. The same thing is applicable to a man.

The Bible says, “Now unto the married I command, yet not I but the lord, let not the wife depart from her husband. But if she departs let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband, and let, not the husband put away his wife”. {1corinth. 7:10, 11}.

A young Christian convert came to me with his personal matrimonial problem. He was legally divorced before he became a Christian because he married a woman that can never be changed from bad to good, thus, he divorced her and after ten years the man remained unmarried while the woman who had three male children for him remarried after a short time. When he became converted to the Christian faith, he desired to marry another wife he then desired to know what he could do in line with Christian teachings. Well he had two options either to approach his ex-wife and get her divorced again and be reconciled to her or to marry a new creature in Christ like himself. When I told him this, he became bamboozled and was speechless for some hours. I quickly informed him that the way between God and man is an individual affair. What will I do then? He responded. I consequently informed him to go and search for his destined wife and be married to her.

We must tell ourselves the truth, Paul commanded, “…Let not the wife depart from her husband, but if she departs…” Here it is lawful for the destined partner not to depart but on the other hand, if the un-destined, married but unmarried spouse departs, she is free. The phrase “if she depart”, is a full indication that the un-destined partner must depart. As a result, the man is not bound by any law, he becomes free to remarry. Now what if she departs, Paul further concludes: “If he/she departs let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such case…” 1 Cor. 7:15.

In his words, “But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart.” Now who is an unbeliever? The answer within the context of our discussion is simple; an unbeliever here simply means the un-destined spouse, {wife or husband} who is not willing to be changed. For your information, any woman that any man cannot change for good should know that she is ruined and destroyed while alive. The same is applicable to the man. The wife or husband you cannot change is the unbeliever. To such, he or she is free to be divorced, the man or the woman is not under the law.