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Family First Life is one of the largest insurance marketing organizations (IMOs) in the United States focused on life insurance and annuity markets. Shawn Meaike and his leadership team have transformed the life insurance industry with a relentless focus on providing world-class service to more than 17,000 agents throughout the country. This year, Family First Life will produce over $250 million of annualized paid premium in the mortgage protection, final expense and annuity markets while helping more than 80,000 Americans a year with their life insurance and annuities needs.
Family First Life started out in 2014 and since then the company had only one mission statement in mind. Founder and president Meaike quotes it as, “We put both the families of our clients and the families of our agents first.”
The best agents of Family First Life are extremely humble and helpful. They love to accumulate more knowledge about their business. FFL makes sure to provide the best training to ensure the success of all their aspiring agents and thus they can live the life they always dreamt of. These courses are always provided free of charge and conducted by individuals who have prior experience in the field. Their workflow and methods are absolutely transparent. Their organization is successful due to the work put in by these agents, who strive to become better at their jobs every day. Shawn Meaike says that the company just acts as mere tools which are utilized by these agents. It is they who work hard with dedication and bring out the results.
As the name of the company suggests, they indeed work as a family. The organization has regional offices but all of them are a part of FFL. In other words, all of the agents work independently on their own but they all collaborate together to bring the desired result. The level of cooperation and helpfulness in these regional branches are really strong. For instance, if one regional branch needs something that their office does not possess,p then the other branches immediately come to their rescue.
Meaike further adds, “We come together regionally as much as possible, but we come together as an organization once a year to train and celebrate who we are and what we have achieved. Together, we can be mighty and change insurance now. These are all the reasons you should learn more and think about joining us.”